Monday 13 February 2012

More Sparkles From Avon - Nails Of The Day

I'm going through a bit of a sparkly phase at the moment, I'm really enjoying looking at my finger tips and seeing the flash of sparkle and glitter on a dull day so when I removed the lovely Ruby Slippers polish I wore in my last nails of the day I knew I wanted something equally sparkly.

I decided to go for another Avon Nailwear Pro polish this time in Sequined Turquoise. The name describes it perfectly it's a beautiful dark turquoise with smatterings of pretty sparkle, this is 2 coats x

Unfortunately you can't see the sparkles too well in these pictures so I took a few pictures in different lighting conditions which seem a bit better x

Apologies for all the scratches on my hands too Charlie seemed to think I was a scratching post on Saturday night! hopefully that doesn't detract too much though from what is a really pretty colour and another winner from Avon. What do you think of Sequined Turquoise ?


  1. It is a great colour, but its a real pain trying to get it off!

  2. Amazing colour! So pretty! xoxox


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