Tuesday 28 February 2012

Goodies From Mummy Lou and A Small Body Shop Haul

Hi Guys - I hope you've all had a lovely day - the weather's been lovely in Co. Durham this afternoon, still a bit chilly but the sun was beaming, a definite indication that Spring is nearly here.

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that this week my mum treated me to a little MUA order, really to say thank you for looking after her so well over the past week or so. Well she's my mum what else was I going to do lol - it's wore me out beyond belief and I seriously feel as though I'm running on empty at times but she is so worth it - thankfully she's nearly over the worst of it, she's still experiencing a lot of pain but she's moving around a bit and she's even managed to interfere with my spaghetti bolognese lol - two women in a kitchen is a recipe for disaster - lol I'm really pleased she's getting better though it's awful seeing someone you love in so much pain x

Anyways on to the goodies - I really wanted some of the tinted lip balms so I ordered two :) - First up Sugar Lips

and  Sweet Kiss

I also got one of the Love Hearts nail polished in U ROK

It's a lovely shade - I would probably describe it as Periwinkle blue, the perfect combination of lilac and blue - I'm going to do a full post on these Love Hearts product in my Budget Beauty Series, featuring some swatches, lip shots, and some nails shots in the next week or two :)

I also got a couple of polishes from the normal line - left is Shade 1 a gorgeous navy blue with a bit of sparkle. and shade 9 yet another blue nail polish :)

I know I included my MUA nail polishes in my original Budget Beauty Series post, but I've bought so many since I think I'll do separate nail polish collection for you which again I'll try and put up in the next month or so. Don't forget I also have a Budget Beauty Series post on MUA Professional to come too - I promise that will be up just as soon as I can manage it - it's taking so long to catch up on the photos that I lost, hopefully with the better light starting I'll manage to catch up - I'm going to be MUA'd out lol.

I've also bought a couple of things for me over that last week -  my Godmother kindly picked me up a few Body Shop things whilst she was at the Metro Centre - As much as I'd love to have a proper look around the shops, getting the bus there and walking round at the moment is just too much for me :( She got me a bottle of the Tea Tree Toner which is a real essential for me and she also picked up a bottle of the new Chocomania Shower Cream for me - yum - it smells really nice and not as sickly as I expected x

Those little purchases have taken me a little bit over my limit for February but the Tea Tree was an essential purchase so I'm not too worried x Any questions as per usual leave me a comment I love reading them xx

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  1. Really glad to hear your mum is feeling better and is up to interfering with your cooking :)

    Would love to see swatches of those nail varnishes, they look lovely in the bottles.


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