Saturday 4 February 2012

Nails Of The Day - Glitter Babe!

As you've probably gathered from my previous post my hands and nails are taking a bit of battering at the moment. Despite a gorgeous cuticle butter, and a new hand cream and nail strengthener I'm testing out for you, my poor little nails need all the help they can get. What's the best way to protect your nails when your doing chores etc - a nice glittery polish of course.

Product of a recent haul, this beauty Nubar G150 Hologram Glitter, really seems to be doing the job despite the small particles it's a glitter and of course glitters are super hard wearing!

This is 3 coats here, I would have liked it to have had a little more coverage, but it's still gorgeous, tiny particles of silver holographic suspended in a clear basis. I've worn it on its own here but I think it would be great as a layering polish either over a silver for more depth or a coat or so over another colour for a contrast. What do you think of glitter laden nails?

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