Sunday 19 February 2012

From The Catwalk To The High Street With The Body Shop and Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that we're slap bang in the middle of London Fashion Week, alas I wasn't lucky enough to receive a coveted invite but I've been getting my fashion week kicks through twitter, emails, and the interweb. Like most bloggers I've received quite a few emails and press releases regarding London Fashion Week but one stood out more than the rest - a British company and a showcase for new talent all in one

As you probably already know I am a huge fan of The Body Shop - a British company born and bred it's no surprise that their presence is strongly felt in the UK's show piece fashion event.

For the second season running  The Body Shop will be the official make up sponsor of Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the leading independent event at London Fashion Week. Vauxhall Fashion Scout is famous for showcasing new talent, and over the last few years they have introduced designers such as Peter Pilotto and William Tempest to the wider market. Yes fashion is all about the established designers and the big shows, but it's also about new and upcoming talent and I love that the fact that Vauxhall Fashion Scout provides a platform for new or less established designers to showcase their talent, and make their mark in the cut throat world of fashion.

The partnership between The Body Shop and Vauxhall Fashion Scout, will see The Body Shop's own cruelty free make up range being used over the next few days to produce some of the key make up looks for Autumn / Winter 2012, all created by top make up artist Lan Ngyuen.

I really can't wait to see what looks she creates for this seasons shows, I've seen a few bits floating around on the web up to now, but she has a lot to live up to as some of last seasons looks were simply breathtaking.

One of the key looks the team created for the Spring / Summer 2012 shows and one of my favourites was their Geisha inspired look, flawless yet dewy skin, using Moisture Foundation, Radiance Highlighter, and the Vitamin E Facial Mist, strong lips and cheeks using Lip & Cheek Stain in Rose and Love Gloss 11 Raspberry Pink, and dramatic brows created using the Brow and Liner Kit.

To check out more looks from The Body Shop and Vauxhall Fashion Scout collaboration  for Spring Summer 2012 as well as behind the scenes footage and interviews with Lan Ngyuen, I definitely recommend watching this video - even if it's just to marvel at the shoes at 00.41 -wow!!

Whilst some of the make up looks that you see on the catwalk may be a little over the top, the involvement of high street companies like The Body Shop in events such as London Fashion Week means that the key looks and products are available right there at out finger tips. No I wouldn't go out wearing the Geisha style look, but the principles behind it translate easily into everyday life, fresh,dewy, skin, defined brows and a statement red lip is a classic make up look with a twist.

I for one think that the collaboration between Vauxhall Fashion Scout and The Body Shop is a good one. As well as supporting new talent the collaboration also highlights the versatility and adaptability of The Body Shop's make up line, which is at home on the catwalk as it is on the high street. I can't wait to see what looks Lan Nguyen and The Body Shop team create for this weeks Autumn / Winter 2012 shows, and above all I can't wait to see how the looks become translated and adapted for everyday life as the year progresses. - I'll promise I'll keep you posted just as soon as the looks become available x To learn more about Vauxhall Fashion Scout and to see the designers involved please check out their website, and to find out more about the products mentioned in this post please check out The Body Shop website. Have you been following Fashion Week? Let me know in the comments x

(This Post Was Written On Behalf Of The Body Shop / Vauxhall Fashion Scout - I Have Not Been Compensated In Anyway)

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  1. Ah- looks interesting. Some pretty looks! Ive been watching a bit of coverage, but will be more interestied in the pictures. xx


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