Friday 24 February 2012

Smooth and Sparkly - Nails Of The Day

I bought this polish from ebay a few weeks ago, after seeing it on a few blogs, I had high hopes for it and I have to say I wasn't disappointed.

Catherine Arley Silky Touch Nail Lacquer 667 is the most gorgeous silver grey holograph, it applies like a dream, and it leave the smoothest, glass like finish ever. You need at least two coats to see it in it's true glory but this is no hardship when it's as gorgeous as it is - cue lots of pictures :

Gorgeous isn't it definitely one of my new favourite polishes - I can't stop looking at my fingers and looking at all the different flashes of colour - I've already purchased another Catherine Arley polish which I'll show you next week x What do you think of this polish ? Do you love it as much as I do ?


  1. Mmmm, pretty. I assume this is a non-UK brand, hence ebay?

    1. Thanks lovely x I believe it's a Turkish brand but I bought it from a Bulgarian seller x

  2. I see!!!!! You bought it on ebay :)her is the answer to my question thanks.


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