Thursday 29 August 2013

Tag - The One And Only

On occasions I have to admit that I've a bad blogger and I've been a very bad one over the last few months, lots of you lovely ladies have tagged me in posts and I haven't done them, I'm so sorry but I promise from now on that I'll do them if your kind enough to tag me x 

Earlier this week I was tagged by the lovely Shannon from Raspberrykiss, to do The One And Only Tag. The idea is that if you could have one ....., what would it be and why? Thanks Shannon, this was a tough one and a few aka nearly all of my answers I admit are a bit of a cop out.


As yet I haven't found my HG primer, but the closest I've found it Laura Geller's Spackle. I find a lot of primers too greasy,or they feel as though they are too slick and contain too much silicone. This is quite light and cooling, and I will definitely consider repurchasing when I've finished the ones I'm using. I'm currently using Benefits Stay Flawless but I haven't used it enough yet to make a judgement, I'm going to do a review then so I'll keep you posted.

Base Product

Cop out number one at the moment I have two products that I love, first up Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation, it covers, looks natural and makes my skin look fab, and it's pretty inexpensive. My other favourite is Bare Minerals Foundation, I use various shades but this is one product that I'll use if I'm in a rush or whispers I can't be bothered. It's quick, covers a multitude of skin problems and it's good for your skin.


I don't actually use a lot of concealer any more - lucky me :) but at the moment  I'm using the Boots No7 Trio Concealer which works just fine. I also love Mally Cancellation Concealer, which I've used in the past (and still own) which is effective and long lasting on my obvious and stubborn blemishes.


Despite it's diminishing popularity with a lot of make up artists I am a powder girl, and I always, always use it. Cue cop out number three I have found the one though :( I'm still searching for a good go too one for 90% of the year, in the summer or when I have a tan though I swear by Laura Geller Balance and Brighten in Regular - although this can be used on it's own as a quick base product, and that's often what I use it for on holiday, it also make a great finishing powder when lightly applied. Please let me know your favourite powder please, I'd love to know what you use x

Blush (Cream Or Powder)

Too Hard!!! I can't pick one (sorry!) so I've narrowed it down to two, which considering my collection is good enough.  First up ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink, this is a long term favourite, the perfect pink, to give me skin just a little flush. Secondly something which has skipped into my top two over the last 12 months - Benefit  - Sugarbomb. A peach, pink, coral and brown mix, this added just a hint of warmth to my skin. It's not that pigmented but I often wear it when I'm wearing a natural look.


I'm a bit scared of full on bronzer so I don't use it that often. However lately I've been using something that could be the one. It's the blogger and You Tuber favourite, Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universal. I've had this for about a year now and until recently I just couldn't make it work, but I've managed to get a bit of a colour this summer, and with careful application with the elf Small Studio Stipple brush, I've eventually realised what all the fuss was about.


Ahhh my favourite type of product - I love highlighters so to pick just one was nigh on impossible but unusually for this blog post I've managed to pick the one. Prestige Skin Loving Minerals - Mineral Bronzing Powder in Pure Shimmer isn't a bronzer it is in fact a beautiful, nude, beige iridescent highlighter. I've used this is an eye colour, and of course for an amazing cheek bone highlight. Alas we can't get Prestige in the UK any more but thankfully I have a back up :)

Make Up Brush (Single)

At last an easy peasy one - Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush. Basically a kabuki, powder brush I use this obviously for Bare Minerals Foundation but it also make a fab powder brush. I have quite a few of these brushes in my collection and I use it pretty much every day.

Eyebrow Product

I have quite dark, full brows anyways so up until recently I've never really used a brow product, but lately I've decided to thin them out a bit, using the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. These are probably the best tweezers ever, they are sharp, the tips meet in the middle, and they do the job perfectly.

Eyeshadow (Single)

Sooooo hard, if I had to pick one it would probably be MAC - Gleam or Idol Eyes, Gleam a beautifully nude, pink, gold, or Idol Eyes, a silver, violet with a hint of gold. Both of these shades are really go to's for me depending on whether or not I want a warm or cool look, or a day or an evening look. Slightly cheating but If I had to pick a palette too it would be the Urban Decays Naked palette.


I'm pretty ambivalent about eyeliner - I own lots of them but it's often the step that I miss out. That said I love the Smashbox Cream Eyeliners for ease of you, and staying power, and I've recently discovered the L'Oreal Superliner Gelmatic in Ultra Black 1* which I'm really liking for staying power and ease of use.


I am a mascara whore, I love trying out new ones, so I've decided that if I've purchased one more than once, and would still repurchase it, then it deserves it's place in this post. Number 1 Maybelline Colossal - I've gone through 2 tubes of this and I would still potentially buy it again, it gives lots of volume which is exactly what I need. I actually like all of Maybelline mascaras bar Great Lash, does anyone in real life actually like this?? Next up another "drugstore" brand -  Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - this just does it for me, long lush lashes, in fact someone asked me if I was wearing lashes when I was wearing it - result! and if not this one then one I'm currently using which is pretty much identical Cover Girl - Lash Blast :)

Lipstick, Lipgloss or Lip Stain

A late entry but it's already become one of my most worn lipsticks - MUA Kiss You Lipstick - Moments. Nuff said I love it, I love the colour, it's nice and moisturising and it's only £3. You can read my full post on this beauty here x 


I own them but I don't use them so there is no one. I guess this might change as I fancy trying out one the clear ones so we'll see x 

Lip Balm

Another cop out answer, but I'm a lip balm obsessive and I usually have about 5 on the go at one, my favourite of all time is The Body Shop Yes Yes Yes Lip Butter, alas it was discontinued but I think their Foundation Lip Butter is supposedly quite similar so that is one on the list to try. What am I using at the moment and loving? Guess LOL initials MBL :) I'll show you better on Saturday ;)

Nail Polish

I can't answer this one really, there is no such thing as The One And Only when it comes to nail polish, so my one of the moment instead is Essie - Cascade Cool, a bright and summery pink. You can see a nails of the day post here x

So yeah, that was a bit of a cop out to be honest but I have so much make up and nail polish, and I love trying new things so much that it's nearly impossible to pick the one and only, a top 10 of each would probably be a bit easier than this was lol

I Tag:

Even if I haven't tagged please feel free to do it, and link me below, I'd love to know what your One And Only Products are x Oh and if you have any questions or if you would like any specific reviews of anything that I've mentioned please let me know xx 

(*Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes - Review Coming Soon)

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