Friday 30 August 2013

Foodie Friday - What I Ate In August x

It's the last Friday of the month so it time for a foodie review of August. What yummy things did I eat and drink in August? keep reading to find out more x

Like last month, August was all about home grown and home harvested produce. I mentioned in last months post that my mum had been making strawberry jam, well she baked some gluten free scones, and as a healthy alternative to cream, we use strained Easi Yo Sweet Greek yogurt to make a cream tea of sorts.

This looks to be very much a Devon cream tea, as they put their "cream" on the scone first, bit shocking really considering at least 4 generations of my dads family come from Cornwall, I must remember to put the jam on first which is the Cornish way :) This month my mum has also made raspberry and redcurrant jam, and gooseberry and apple jam, all thanks to relatives with large gardens and loads of excess soft fruit.

This month also saw our potato harvest, you wouldn't think it from the size of our garden that we'd be able to grow vegetables but everything my mum touches grows, so she flung in some seed potatoes last year and this was just some of what she dug up.

Believe me they tasted amazing, nothing better than eating something that you've seen grow and you know exactly what's gone in to it. It goes without saying that yet again this month I've made several helpings of my homemade salsa, yes we've had it with tortilla chips but I also added it to a veggie, bean chilli I made.

The original plan was to make tacos but the gluten free ones I got are so fragile I just ended up serving them alongside the chilli, with salad, cheese and Mexican rice.

I also used my salsa to make a Quorn Chilli And Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie, OMG I love sweet potato and it just worked perfectly with a bit of melted cheese and the spicy chilli. I served it with some broccoli roasted with lemon juice, oilve oil, garlic and chilli.

Speaking of beans and spicy things I also made my Spicy Falafel Burger (see the recipe here)

This month I also had one of my favourite ever things Crispy Fried Tofu (click here for the recipe) - yum this is so good and works equally as well served with chips and beans or how I served it, with sweet and sour vegetables, and tofu spaghetti.

Because I'm not supposed to eat wheat and gluten I do have to experiment a bit, and that's how I found the tofu spaghetti, I basically spaghetti made with soya I can't find it in the UK any more but it was by a German brand I believe called Vegafit. Normally I just buy supermarkets own gluten free pasta, which is usually made of corn or rice, it's not the same but I'm used to it now. I used gluten free pasta to make my Creamy Sweet Chilli And Quorn Pasta

Yummy super quick - exactly like something else that I made - a tomato, broccoli, onion, mushroom and cheese frittata :)

and August was the month that I tried Overnight Oats for the first time, I had a mixture of oats, yogurt, skimmed milk, chia seeds, fresh fruit and tiny bit of salt, and it was yummy, and really filling.

What about drinks? well the usual really lots of squash, tea and water, with a couple of Juice Master Homemade Sherbet Lemonades thrown in

a couple of Easi Yo Yogurt Smoothies,

and some Twinnings teas x

and of course the cake that we made using one of the teas x

I've also had a could of naughty eating out experiences, including Meet Up At Mal, and these beauties from Costa.

Apologies for the phone picture but Costa do the best gluten free chocolate brownies, and their Raspberry And White Chocolate Creamy Cooler is AMAZING!!

and no trip to IKEA is complete without a piece of Krokant Cake I believe that this is gluten free, well that's what it says on the box anyways - it's yum and well worth it, even if the shop was trying to mimic daddy day care.

The final item is one that it's took me almost 2 months to find and now it gone again :( As far as I'm aware Cadbury's Strawberries And Creme bar was only produced from May through to August as a summer limited edition. Could I hell find it, I looked everywhere, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, B&M, you name it. I eventually got the last remaining bar from a local market stall, of course I shared it with Mummy Lou, but that half a bar was well worth the wait and I shall mourn the fact that I probably won't be able to find any more.

I guess looking at that little lot, it's no great surprise that I haven't lost that much weight this month, but I think I've ate pretty well overall I've definitely snacked less, and I've made sure that I've plenty of fruit and veg, everything in moderation I say :) Have you had a good food month? What's been the best thing that you've eaten in August? please leave me a comment and let me know cx 

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