Wednesday 7 August 2013

Dancing In The Moonlight - Nails Of The Day

In the summer months I always tend reach for bright and neon colours for my nails, but an effect that really comes into it's own when the sun is shining is one of my favourite finishes - holographic.

I love holographic nails and last week I tried out one of the newer polishes in my collection Top Shop - Moondance.

This is an amazing pale blue holographic polish, that twinkles with multi coloured, three dimensional sparkle when it's exposed to the light, be it sunlight or in this case by my camera flash.

Application and wear wasn't amazing as it is quite a thick polish, but the finish was worth the effort. This is a really pretty colour for the summer or even as an icy blue shade for the winter, in other words I'm super pleased to have this colour in my collection and I know I'll wear it throughout the year. What do you think of Moondance ? let me know in the comments x

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