Sunday 11 August 2013

Divine Lime - Neon Nails - Nails Of The Day

As you've probably gathered from some of my more recent haul posts I've got a major thing for neon going on at the moment. I love neon and bright colours but I'm not sure I have enough confidence to wear them in my clothes all the time, so I've embraced the trend with accessories and with nail polish.

Avon Nail Wear Pro + in Divine Lime, is an amazing neon, lime green shot through with gold sparkle. It too 3 coats to achieve full coverage and the formulation tended to be a bit gloopy but as I've said so often this polish was worth it.

I know green polish can divide people but I'm a huge fan and this neon shade is ideal for summer, or even for brightening up your day in the depth of winter. If you fancy brightening up your day with a bit of Divine Lime then this shade is still available from Avon x  Are you a fan of neon nail polishes? please leave me a comment and let me know x


  1. Absolutely love this shade! x

    1. Thanks lovely so do I seems to be one of those colours that you either love or hate lol

  2. I am IN LOVE with this colour!!



  3. Oooh, this is such a gorgeous colour! xx


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