Saturday 3 August 2013

Beautiful Nails In An Instant With imPRESS

Over the years I've chronicled my ups and downs with my fingernails. A few years ago my nails were perfect, they grew with no problem, and they were strong. Fast forward to the present day, and my nails range from soft and bendy, to more often than not dry and brittle. I've tried pretty much every strengthener / treatment on the market (bar Dr Lewinns Renunail which is next on my list to try) and whilst everything I've used has worked in the short term nothing seems to have made a long tern difference. I guess that it must be down to my varying illnesses and medication all of which can play a huge role in the health of hair, skin, and nails :(

Don't get me wrong I don't mind short nails as long as their long enough to paint but sometimes you just want that bit of length to show off your colours and nail art. I have a love / hate relationship which fake nails, I've bought a couple of sets recently but having used them and had them done in the past and experienced a couple of disasters I've kind of being put off a bit.

I think the problem has always been the nail glue, and adhesive that you generally use to apply nails. It can really damage your natural nail even if your using a set from the local chemist. Times change and so does technology, false nails are changing. Broadway Nails are famous for their home manicure products selling everything from traditional false nails, to nail glue and nail art, perhaps though one of their most recent introductions, has to be one of their most innovative

imPRESS Nails are the easiest and quickest way to get a salon finish in your own home. Instead of having to use nail glue which can be messy and damaging, Impress Nails come complete with sticky tabs attached to each nail so you just peel off the tab and stick it on to your natural nail. imPRESS claim that their nails are clean and easy to remove and that they can last up to a week.I was very kindly sent a packet of the imPRESS Press On Manicure Short Length Nails in the shade Call My Agent, a super, classic bright red.

The nails come boxed in clear packaging, but are presented in a super cute, plastic nail varnish bottle design holder. I love this idea it's so much better than the usual blister packs and packets that are impossible to close. This means that your nails not only stay safe, but because you can open it up fully you could also use it as a trinket box .

In each box you get 24 nail covers in 12 different sizes so your bound to find one to fit your nails. I have quite large fingers but I have very skinny nails and even had no problems finding nails to fit.

The best way to use any false nails is to size them and get each one ready to us and laid out in the correct order before you start.

I followed the instructions in the pack and first of all before application I washed my hands thoroughly, dried them and then I rubbed my nails over with the enclosed prep pad, this just smelled like nail polish remover and I expect that it's just to remove the excess oils from the nails.

You can see quite clearly from these pictures the clear adhesive tabs on the back of the nails. All you do is carefully remover the tabs and firmly press the false nail on top of your own nail. You don't have a lot of leeway or opportunity so make sure your happy with the positioning of the nail before your press it down. You then need to keep your hands out of water for around half an hour, I probably waited at least an hour before I did anything which involved wet hands.

The nails themselves were pretty well made but a couple did have a small, rough plastic lip on the end, which filed off pretty easily with the enclose mini nail file.

So what did they look like? well pretty impressive (ha ha) as it happens, see for yourself.

Yes their plastic, their not real so they will never look 100% natural, I have to say though in real life they looked pretty convincing. They were long enough to make my short nails look super groomed, but they weren't so long that they looked obviously fake.

I have to admit that I loved the effect and finish of these nails. They were really easy and clean to apply, and it barely took 5 minutes to do the full set. What makes them easy and quick to use though probably explains why they didn't last that long on me. imPRESS claim that these nails can last up to a week, not on me they didn't. My first nail fell off after 24 hours and by day 4, I only had 2 left, which looked a little odd so I removed them. When they fell off though they left no horrible glue residue on the nails. The ones that I did need to remove came off really easily with quick rub of a cotton pad soaked in polish remover, and again left very little residue.

 I guess in this case the bad aspects of the product are caused by the good aspects. These are really good for say a night out or in the short term but I think it would be very difficult to keep them on for the full week, and I don't think the adhesive is quite strong enough when water gets involved. Will I use these again? I have to say I think I might, I think they would be great for a special occasion or for a different look on holiday. If these ones look to short or aren't to your taste, imPRESS nails come loads of different lengths, colours and patterns. imPRESS Press On Manicure Nails retail at £7.99 for the plain colours and at £8.99 for the patterned designs, they are available from various outlets including Boots and Superdrug. For more information and for a demonstration video please check out the imPRESS website x Have your tried these? Are you a fan of false nails? please leave me a comment and let me know x I love reading you comments and hearing your opinions  xx

(imPress Press-n Manicure Short Length Nails In Call My Agent Were Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)


  1. I have had some of these before Louise! think I got them in glossy box or something like that, I was really impressed by them, Ok for a night out or wedding or something x

    1. I love how easy they are to use x but I wish they lasted longer definitely good for a special occasion xx

  2. I hated these nails! They literally lasted about 20 seconds for me before they all fell off. I hate that it claims no glue is needed when glue is definitely needed!! xx

    1. Yeah I definitely don't think they last as long as they claim x

    2. I think they definitely need to improve the adhesive


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