Tuesday 6 August 2013

Feeling Fruity With Palmolive Mediterranean Moments

I have to say I'm normally a bath person, nothing gives me greater pleasure than a lovely long soak in the bath. Over the last few weeks though when the weather has been warmer, lying in a hot bath is the last thing in the world that I've wanted to do, so warm to tepid showers have been the way forward. As you would expect I already have a pretty impressive body wash and shower gel collection but recently I was sent a product that has rapidly became one of the most used beauty products in my collection.

Palmolive are a company with a long history when it comes to soap and bathing products, and earlier this year they introduced two new shower products into their extensive personal care line.

Palmolive's Mediterranean Moments shower gels contain extracts of fragrant fruits and flowers, and are designed to evoke memories of warm summer days, feelings and aromas of the Mediterranean region. These shower milks come intro variations Argan Oil From Morocco And Almond, and the one I was sent Apricot From Italy And Strawberry.

Packaged in a warm and cheery looking yellow toned bottle, this shower milk contains extracts of Apricots and Strawberries which are well known for their skin enhancing qualities, and their ability to smooth and brighten the skin.

This product is a shower milk / cream and is opaque white in colour, and it has a creamy feel and appearance. The smell is evident from the moment you open the flip cap bottle, it reminds me a lot of fruit yogurt, and has a super fruity fragrance - the apricot dominates but you also get just a hint of the sweet strawberry. The cream texture is great if you have drier skin, and is foams up really easily and it left my skin feeling pretty soft even without a moisturiser and delicately fragranced.

The shower milk has it all for me, a gorgeous almost edible smell, which cleanses the body without any tightness or dryness. I'm not sure the smell took me transported me to the Mediterranean but it definitely sent me to the fridge and to my jar of Easi Yo Summer Fruit yogurt yum. The only downside to this product doesn't really bother me but it does contain, SLS so if your avoiding sulfates this isn't for you, but if your after a yummy smelling shower gel, that does the business for a bargain price then this could be right up your street. It's certainly up mine and I will definitely consider purchasing this when I've finished this bottle. Palmolive Mediterranean Moments shower milks retail at around £2.19 for a 250ml bottle from Asda, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Tesco. What's you favourite summer shower product? and are you a fruity or a fresh fan? let me know in the comments xx

(Palmolive Mediterranean Moments - Apricot From Italy And Strawberry 250ml Was Provided By PR For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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  1. My favourite summer shower product is the raspberry shower gel & bubble bath from I love..., it smells amazing :D Would love to try this one though :) x


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