Saturday 31 August 2013

August Gifts And Buys - Maybelline, Barry M, Avon, Benefit, MUA And More x

Well it's the last day of the month and what does that mean - haul time :) I've had quite a few opportunities to shop this month so I "may" have took advantage

We'll start off with a bit of drugstore buying. Like pretty much every blogger in the blogesphere I succumbed.

Yes Maybelline Baby Lips, the first one I picked up was Pink Punch

This is a really, pink colour which looks very pretty and tastes and smells amazing!

I wasn't intending to pick up another one but I did

This time I got Peach Kiss

This is a very neutral nude shade but it doesn't have anywhere near the level pigmentation of Pink Punch, again though it smells and tastes yummy :)

I haven't done any lip shots because the pigmentation just isn't that strong on me. I have pretty pigmented lips and they provide just a hint of colour, and a bit of gloss. I was pretty cynical about these at first and yes they are just lip balms but I'm really enjoying using the ones that I have. They are really moisturising and they taste gorgeous but I don't think I'll be buying any more. These are £2.99 each x

My next purchase was this Boots exclusive

Yes, the Vaseline Spray And Go Body Moisturisers. Again these have been everywhere and again with good reason. I picked up the Aloe Fresh one, and it is lovely. I'm actually using body moisturiser on a daily basis thanks to this, it leaves the skin feeling really smooth, and it smells really clean and fresh x

Next up something else that I've seen on quite a few blogs, the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils.

The shade I picked up was Vanilla Sky, gorgeous shimmery ivory. First impressions? well I'm really impressed I'm definitely going to pick up a few more of these, and I'll definitely review them properly for you x

I also picked up a couple of the Barry M Confetti Polishes, the shades I went for were Dolly Mixture and Bubblegum.

This month I also ordered quite a bit of stuff from H&M, 90% of it went back again grrr, but I did keep a few accessory bits first up this neon earring set.

I was hoping that the lime / yellow ones might match a dress I have but they didn't never mind, I'll still use them :). I also got some more neon bracelets for layering, I'm obsessed with bracelet layering at the minute.

I also got another new phone case

It remind me of my Tallulah bella, this was also from H&M, and was in the children's section :). My final two purchases came from their make up line including this pretty duo chrome nail polish - Moonlight.

This is such a pretty colour, I made a bit of a mistake on the order form though and ended up ordering two, so I will be giving one away in the weeks to come.

My final H&M purchase was one of their Chubby Stick alikes a Lip Pencil in the shade Beige.

This such a pretty nude pink shade, Unfortunately my lip shot seems to have corrupted, so I hope you can get an idea from these full face shots, the first picture was taken without the flash and the second one was taken with. I'm really loving this at the moment it doesn't seem to last as long as some of them I own but the colour is very glossy and it feels very moisturising x

Now ebay, pretty much every month I seem to buy something from ebay and August was no different. I kept with my neon theme and but this neon friendship bracelet from ebay x

This was a bit over overpriced at £1.89 from this seller but it's nice quality and I love the colours and it goes with a lot of my other neon purchases

I also got this rose scented cuticle oil

I love cuticle oil pens for holidays and travel, and this one was just 99p including postage from this seller. There was lots of scents to choose from and I went for rose. The packaging says it's OPI but the listing didn't so who knows, it's nice and well worth £1.

The final thing that I bought myself was a magazine - I bought Elle which came with a free Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray.

Boots Haul - £16.46
H&M Haul - £16.95
Cuticle Oil -ebay - 99p
Friendship Bracelet - ebay - £1.98
Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Punch - £2.99
ELLE - £4.00
Total - £40.38
38p Over

Well to be honest that's not too bad I acquired a lot of bits and only went just 99p over, thanks cuticle oil :) I will be continuing to try and stick to my limit next month, in order to raise a few more holiday funds, but next months spends will only be accounted till the 29th September when I go on holiday - cue excitement lol, I'll pop a scheduled post up when I'm away so you can see next months buys and gifts.

Like every month, week and day Mummy Lou has also been amazing and has bought me quite a few bits and pieces. First up some bits from Superdrug, including one of the Bourjois Color Boots Glossy Finish Lipsticks...

 the shade she got me was 04 Peach On The Beach. This is such a pretty peach / pale coral shade.

It isn't as bright as appears to be in the bullet form. On my pigmented lips it doesn't look as peach more a sort of peachy pink. It's still very pretty though.

The next two things she got me came from the MUA 1D range, I've already showed you the Kiss You Lipstick in Moments, but I also got the Niall, Little Things Nail Polish in Gold And Gorgeous, a pretty sparkly gold.

She also got me another nail polish this time from Asda, the George Denim Effect Nails in Blue,  I can't wait to try this out. I wanted the Nails Inc version but I'm hoping this can create the same effect x

About half way through the month me and my mum had a little road trip to a town about 30 miles away. The town has a Boyes store, this is I think a North East based bargain store, and as I've mentioned previously they've recently acquired an LA Colors stand where everything is just £1. I've only ever used their nail polishes before so I fancied trying a make up item, so she got me this Eyeshadow Palette in EP107 Desert Dune. I'm going to do a full review of this soon, but all I'll say at the moment is that for just £1 it's amazing value.

In the same shop she also got me this black lace, shrug, cardigan which was just £6.99.

My lovely momma also paid for my Avon order this month. I got a bubble bath in Violet which based on the scratch and sniff in the catalogue I expected to smell like Parma Violets, instead it smelled like a soft floral, nice and I'll use it but unfortunately it wasn't what I expected.

She also got my two nail colours, the Opal Top Coat, and Jalapeno Fashion Show. The opal top coat is amazing and gives a gorgeous iridescent, holo flakey finish. I have quite a few of these and I love how different that they can make a polish look. The oddly named Jalapeno Fashion Show is one of those gorgeous murky, khaki greens, that love, strange name but fab polish.

The final thing that Mummy Lou got me was courtesy of QVC and a 4 easy pay code, it's the Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer.

This is unlike any primer that I've ever used, and I'm definitely going to do a full review of it x

Starting this month I've also been making You Tube haul videos, my haul equalled two videos, which you can see here x

If you can't see them then please check out my You Tube channel x
So that was it everything that I purchased myself and that I was bought in August. As per usual if you have any questions or comments please let me know, and I'd love to know what you bought in August so please leave me a comment xx


  1. Ooh you bought some fab things this month :) I love the Pink Punch Baby Lips, it's the only one I've tried so far but it's such a nice colour.

    I have the Collection eye pencil too and I'm liking that.

    The H&M lip pencil looks lovely on you :) xx

  2. Oooh lovely buys! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the Collection eyeshadow pencil and the Benefit primer :)

    Jess xo

  3. You got some lovely things this month, I love pink punch and the phone case is sooooo cute!! :)


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