Wednesday 12 September 2012

Project 10 Pan - Item Number 4 - DONE

I said at the start of the month that I could see this being a good month for Project 10 Pan items and so it's proving. Today I finished item 4 :)

First Light Cosmetics Mineral Foundation in Breeze In The Beeches 10g was sent to me a few years ago to review(click here to read it). I actually quite liked it - it was a tiny bit more powdery than Bare Minerals but it was decent and it gave good coverage. This shade was my spring colour but because of the lack of sunshine this year I've been using this colour on and off over the last few months.

My skin responds really well to mineral foundation, and it's something I always use when I'm in a rush because it's so quick and easy to apply, and it lasts forever because you need to use so little at once. Alas First Light minerals stopped retailing a little while ago, the victim of a super competitive industry I guess, but I'm still a mineral foundation devotee and I have several pots of Bare Minerals and ELF foundations in different shades to use up so it will be a little while before I need to purchase any more. So that's 4 down, 6 left to go - I'm still feeling confident despite the fact that I seem to be lemming so much make up wise at the minute but I'm trying to shop my stash a bit at the moment, and use up what I've got and so far so good, I have another two items just about done, so hopefully you should see another P10P update in the next week or so -  Thanks again for your support and thanks for your blog posts and enabling too, nothing tests you like  lusting after something after reading a fabulous blog post - sits on hands and vows to stay strong! Have you ever done Project 10 Pan? if you have, link me to your posts or videos I'd love to see how you managed and what you learnt from the experience x

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