Tuesday 25 September 2012

Bad Light, Rain and Hangnails - Nails Of The Day

It's a beautiful day today up north, if your a duck that is! I'm really starting to wonder if it's ever going to stop raining, it started on Sunday night and it will be lucky if it's stopped for half an hour since. Thankfully I'm warm and safe at home, but my heart goes out those poor people who have been flooded out of their homes yet again - I can't imagine how devastating it must be to lose your personal possessions and your homes and businesses :(

I tried to take a few blog pics yesterday but the weather really wasn't my friend, thankfully despite pretty much the same weather conditions, the light has been better and I've managed to take some pictures for a few posts. I thought I'd start the week with a nails of the day post -my nails are growing back very slowly after the laptop fan incident, and I have the most hideous hangnail (where the hell do they come from?) but the show must go. I decided to go with a polish that I picked up way back in July.

Modern Mauve is the first polish that I've had from Avon's Speed Dry + Nail Enamel range and I have to say I'm impressed. If you like neutral shades you'll like this polish. It basically a neutral mauve slightly dirty lilac shade. It gives a bit of colour but at same time it's would be easy to wear to any occasion or with any outfit. In the bottle although not in my photographs the polish does have a bit of an iridescent shimmer to it. It isn't really obvious on the nails with the 3 coats I'm wearing here but you could see it with just one coat. Application was fine it comes with quite a wider brush but it was pretty easy to handle, the colour was a little sheer but this wasn't really a problem as it dried super quickly.

Pretty isn't it ? a neutral bit with a bit of a twist. What do you think of Modern Mauve? and do you have any recommendations from the Speed Dry + range? let me know in the comments xx

(P.S. If your a nail polish or make up junkie don't forget to check back tomorrow night for a huge blog sale update including Top Shop, Nails Inc, OPI, Sleek, Benefit, New CID, Estee Lauder and more xx )

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  1. Love that, it's a really nice neutral with a tweak! Particularly lovely with your skintone; I think it would look a bit peculiar on me.


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