Sunday 9 September 2012

Getting Your Tan On With The Velvotan Original Self Tanning Mitt - A Product Rave

One of the best things about blogging is been given the opportunity to try lots of new brands. If it hadn't been for being a blogger or reading blogs their would be loads of things that I now consider essentials that I would  never even have heard of let alone tried.

Recently though I was lucky enough to receive a product for review that I had tried before and that I loved -The Velvotan Original Self Tanning Mitt.

Many moons ago I used to apply my fake tan with bog standard thin, disposable, plastic gloves, that I kind of stole from Mummy Lou's work bag (she used be home care worker for the local council ), it was pretty successful and certainly easier and cleaner than using my bare hands but you did still get the odd streak. Then one day when I was in my local chemists I saw a self tan applicator mitt that promised a clean, streak free finish - I was hooked and since then I've never looked back.

The Velvotan Self Tanning man is a double sided mitt - one side is made of a thin fabric features a coloured, patterned or logo design, and the other side features a velvet feel fabric. This is the side that you use to apply your fake tan.

Depending on the product I either apply the product directly to the mitt or directly onto my skin, then you just work the product into your skin using either long strokes or a buffing motion for smaller areas - I've used this method for two reviews lately including the St Moriz Mini Bronzing Collection, and the Tanatomicals Holy Grail For The Deathly Pale Instant + Self Tan Mousse so hopefully you can see how easy and successful this method is .

It isn't just the fact that the application is so even that makes me love this product but I also love it because it's a much cleaner, easier and quicker method altogether. The velour side of the mitt is lined inside with a special polyurethane material to stop the product soaking through the mitt and staining your skin. You still need to be careful about getting a bit of product on the fabric side or on your wrist but on the whole it's a much cleaner method compared to using your bare hands.

Another reason why this product deserves a LouLouLand product rave is that fact that it's reusable - the plastic gloves had their place but they aren't that strong and they certainly don't last more than one or two applications. The Velvotan on the other hand is machine washable and reusable. Washing after every use doesn't get all tanning stains out but it does mean that you get a clean and hygienic application every time.

Yes there are plenty of similar mitts on the market now but in my opinion this is one of the best, I've tried mitts from some of the top self tanning brands that cost at least 3 times the price of this one and I have to say these ones last the longest. The Velvotan Original Self Tanning Mitt comes in various different colours and designs and retails at around £2.99 from various stockists including Tesco, Bodycare and independent pharmacies across the UK. I am also lead to believe that Velvotan are releasing some new products to help us in out quest for the perfect fake tan including a polishing sponge, a back applicator, and a facial mitt, I haven't seen any of these items in stores yet but I will definitely be giving them a go when I do. Have you tried the Velvotan Mitt? and how do you apply your fake tan? please let me know in the comments I love reading what you have to say xx

(The Velvotan Original Self Tanning Mitt Was Provided By PR For Review Purposes)


  1. I brought a Primark one, it was good but did not last that long before it tore! x

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