Saturday 29 September 2012

Press Sample - Getting Rid Of Those Achy Bits With Gwdihw - A Review For My Pure*

A few weeks ago I reviewed a few products that I'd been sent to help with sore and achy muscles - I loved the products and I really felt that they did the job, but you know me I never rest on my laurels and I always like trying new things so for one this months My Pure reviews I decided to try out another muscle soothing product, this time from Welsh natural beauty brand Gwdihw - Goody Hoo.

I've tried a couple of the Gwdihw balms before and I was pretty impressed with them (read my reviews here and here), so I thought I'd try out one the newer editions to the line, the Muscle Soother. Unlike some of the products that I reviewed recently this product contains no medical or painkilling ingredients, it just contains four naturally occurring extracts - Arnica Oil, Menthol, Camphor and Witch Hazel.

The product comes boxed and is packed in a clear plastic pump action dispenser. I've said it before and I'll say it again I love these dispensers they keep the contents relatively airtight, and it's easy to dispense exactly the right amount. 

The product is a gorgeous ice blue / aqua in colour and it has a cream / gel like texture. Other than the colour the first thing you probably notice when you dispense the product is the smell. It has a really fresh, nose clearing even, smell which comes from the camphor and the menthol. The product immediately feel cooling on the skin and when you gently massage it in, it absorbs really quickly without any greasiness or tackiness.

Over the next 15 or so minutes the skin where you've applied will go through that strange ice cold / burning feeling. Both me and Mummy Lou really liked this product, it really did make a difference to the aches and some of the pains. It wasn't as effective as say the ibuprofen and levomenthol gel, but if your after a more natural product to help ease those aches and pains this could be the product for you. Unfortunately as of 2021 this product appears to have been discontinued. If you have any questions as per usual please leave me a comment xx

* Press Sample

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