Tuesday 4 September 2012

Powdering Down With Living Nature - A Review For My Pure

My name is Louise, I am 34 years old and I still have shiny skin. My mum keeps saying that I'll be thankful for my oily complexion when I'm older, and she's probably right she had oily skin when she was younger and her skin is amazing now - it's practically blemish free and she barely has any wrinkles, oh and did I mention that she's 71 this week! Not only am I prone to oil slicks every so often but because of various health issues, and medications I also have the most awful temperature control - I perspire a lot, and I go cold a lot, so in other words I have often have serious problems keeping my make up on my face. Thankfully primer and foundation formula's have improved no end over the years and if I can get something to last on my face you can guarantee it's pretty good. No matter how good the base products are though, I always get a bit of shine coming through as the day progresses, so I rely on face powder to keep my shiny bits matte and smooth. Yes I know that face powder is terrible passe but it does the job for me , I'm not a brand devotee by any means and I always love trying out new things so as part of August's My Pure reviews I decided to try out a face powder

The Living Nature Luminous Powder aims to use natural minerals and light reflecting and refractive particles to give a soft and luminous glow.

The powder comes boxed and in a sturdy plastic compact, which is refillable. It comes complete with a full sized mirror, and a powder puff.

There are 3 shades to choose from - Deep, Medium and the shade I went for Light.

My Pure suggest that you should go for a shade darker, as the colour in the pan is darker that it appears on the skin, but Light was a pretty good match for my skin tone - you can just about see hear that it's pale, pink toned nude beige shade.

The powder itself has a soft but not overtly powdery feel, and no noticeable scent. Although this powder comes with a powder puff / sponger I've been applying it with either a kabuki brush or my Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush, and then going back over my t-zone with the powder puff gently pressing the powder into my foundation.

The only way really to show you the effectiveness of this powder is with a few before and after pictures. In the before pictures the only make up on my face is the Living Nature Foundation that I reviewed here. I have used this over other brands of foundation though with similar results.





Spot the deliberate mistake, yup I did befores and afters of different sides of my face LOL



Yes this strange body part is actually my forehead :)



and believe it or not this is actually my nose ;)

Apologies for the randomness of the pictures and the blooper, but hopefully you can see from the forehead and nose pictures the difference that this powder makes. My skin looks less shiny, and my pores aren't as obvious. This powder leaves a matte but not flat finish. 

I have to say I thought this was a pretty decent face powder that did the job, that said I don't think I would actually purchase it. It currently retails at £20 which to mine is a bit much, if you regularly buy big brand products that retail for more than that it doesn't sound too bad. At the moment though it's a bit prohibitive price wise for me especially when I'm currently loving a face powder just as much but for slightly different reasons that costs just £1.00 - if your after a decent and relatively natural powder thought this could be the one for you x  Living Nature Luminous Powder 14g retails at £20.00 from My Pure. Do you still use face powder? Which one do you love? Let me know in the comments xx

(Living Nature Luminous Powder 14g - Light Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)


  1. is the £1 one the NYC one from poundland by any chance? i have it and love it!

    1. No it's not that one - I'm going to poundland tomorow so I'll have a look for that x No it was the MUA one - I'm nearly finished it actually but for £1 its really not bad x


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