Monday 3 September 2012

I Want To Love This But I Can't - Nails Of The Day

A month or so ago my lovely momma bought me a few nail polishes from Avon's recently relaunched Colortrend range. In case your not a regular Avon shopper Colortrend is their budget make up range, the packaging has been updated to give it younger and funkier feel. I've only ever had a bits from the range in the past and I have to say it's been a bit hit and miss, some things have been OK, others well haven't, but the couple of nail polishes I've had have always been OK so I thought I'd give them another go.

The one I went for here is the Avon Colortrend Suede Nail Enamel in Blue Royale. Being a suede effect polish it has an almost matte to satin finish - it's a gorgeous navy blue in colour with lots of silver sparkle which stops it from looking too flat. The colour really is beautiful it really looks like a starry sky. So yeah so far so good I actually like the finish and I love the colour but as you've probably guess from the title of this post I can't recommend it :( This makes me sad but the texture wasn't the easiest to work with, the coverage was okay but it just dried too quickly for perfect application. I guess I could live with less than perfect application given the prettiness after all who looks that closely at you nails but unfortunately I didn't have to live with it for long -this polish chipped like crazy. In face after less than 8 hours two nails were completely bare!  Using the top coat on this polished improved the wear slightly but obviously you lose the suede effect even when you use a matte top coat - sad times :(

Gorgeous isn't it? but the formula and the wear really let this one down. They normally retail for £3.00 but depending on the brochure offers I have seen these for as little as 99p, not a lot to pay to be disappointed but still. I'm only hoping that the wet look shine polished I got are more successful. Have you ever fell in love with a nail polish only to end up disappointed? let me know in the comments xx

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