Thursday 20 September 2012

Budget Beauty Series Special - Bronzing For Pale People With The 17 Instant Glow Bronzing Powder For Face and Body

Way back in May one of my lovely followers who wishes to remain anonymous ;) sent me a parcel of goodies for my birthday mainly from Boots 17. One of the products she sent me was the 17 Instant Glow Bronzing Powder For Face and Body, or as I've called the Leopard Bronzer :)

Apart from eyeliner, bronzers are the make up item that I'm must scared of. I have a few in my collection some work all the time, some work some of the time, and some work only when I have a proper deep tan. The bronzer I use most often is an ancient Elizabeth Arden duo bronzer which has a darker and a slightly lighter shade, that I can use pretty much all year round, but I have to be honest and say the I'm not a consistent bronzer user, with the right product though people can change, but was this the product to change the habits of a lifetime?

First up, this bronzer is huge! you can see from this picture that it's easily bigger than the palm of my hand. It's classed as a face and body bronzer which probably accounts for the size of the compact - the compact itself is nothing exciting, just matte black and clear plastic, but unlike a lot of similar compacts the one is really easy to open without breaking a nail :)

The bronzer itself has tan base, with the most amazing leopard print design over sprayed in shades of shimmery gold, and shimmery chocolate. I've done some swatches here so you can what all the colours look like, the bottom shade, is the base colour on it's own you can see some shimmer but that's just came from the over spray - it is in fact completely matte, the next two shades are the over spray colours, and the final shade is the base and the over spray shades mixed together.

The over spray is great while it's there for using on the eyes and for adding some evening sparkle to your face but it doesn't last more that a couple of swirls with a kabuki brush, after that your just left with a matte bronzing powder.

The shade really worked on me, it wasn't too dark and it certainly didn't look orange, it was just a nice tan shade that looked really natural without the shimmer. The bronzer is a great everyday product for people like me with a fairer skin, it isn't an obvious colour it just gave my skin a more healthier colour, in fact when I wore it nobody commented on my make up, they just said I looked "better", which is fine by me. If your really lazy like you could also also use this all over your eyelids for a really quick neutral eye, and because you can use this on the body too it would be great for filling in those inevitable white bits after a holiday or a sunbathing session.

I did a little face of the day post yesterday using this bronzer,on my face and eyes, unfortunately some of the pictures didn't come out properly - these few aren't the best but hopefully they give you an idea

Products Used

Revlon Colorstay Make Up Oily / Combination Skin - 180 Sand Beige 
Mixed With
Revlon Photo Ready Make Up - 003 Shell
Boots No 7 Trio Concealer
MUA Pressed Powder - Shade 1 
Boots 17 Instant Glow Bronzing Powder (On Face and Eyes)
2True Instant Waterproof Mascara - No 1 Black 
Revlon Colorstay Lipstick - 070 Soft Nude 

Whilst I don't think I'm a total bronzing convert I've used this quite a bit over the last month or so to give my face a bit of a glow. I'm pretty pale (roughly NW15) so this seems to work for me without looking too orange or too muddy, if your darker skinned I'd probably see if you can swatch this before you buy it, as it could look a bit ashy or not show up at all. The best thing about this product?, well this is a Budget Beauty Series post so obviously it's the price - you can pick this up from larger 17 stands for just £5.49 for 20g of product - which is pretty pocket friendly. If this one isn't for you there are quite a few different bronzers in the 17 range including a fab looking Union Jack design bronzer  if you've tried this one please let me know what you think?, and please let me know what your favourite bronzer is? I aim to be converted as always :)

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