Sunday 1 July 2012

An Update - Weather, Kitty Cats and My June Summary x

It's really hard to believe that we're now into the second half of the year, 2012 literally seems to be flying by, and June was no exception. It's been a weird month hasn't it humid, freezing, sunny, and raining, culminating in Thursday's super cell thunder storm - wow that was one of the strangest days I've ever seen weather wise, the rain and hail were torrential, the wind was swirling and thunder was deafening - I filmed a little video here which might give you an idea of what it was like

We escaped pretty well thankfully only the conservatory took in water but it seems to be drying out ok, and without too much damage. I feel so sorry for the people whose homes and cars were damaged by the storm and of course for the family and friends of the man that died in Shropshire - I'm thankful at times like this that I live quite high up and away from any water source, the village of Lanchester about 3 miles downhill from me suffered quite badly when the burn running through it burst it's banks, with lots of homes and shops being flooded out. It strange the vets we go to is in Lanchester and we'd been there 3 times this week but we didn't have an appointment for Thursday - thank goodness we didn't or we would have been caught up in it - there was a landslide and flooding on the road we normally come back on!

Apart from the weather I have to be honest and say June hasn't been that great, I've been poorly, my Persian Jasper has been really poorly and will be going for surgery next week, and today I found out that my godmother is having to go for some medical investigations this week :( All of this has meant I've been a bit slack on the blogging front which I'm sorry for, I promise I will post more regularly in July xx I have lots and lots of reviews to come over the next few weeks x

I also want to say a huge thank you to you guys for sticking with me this month and every month - I am absolutely thrilled and shocked to have hit over 250,000 page views this week and for that I am truly grateful to you all xx

Anyways onto my June summary, we'll start off with Trimming My Stash :)

  • Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream 30ml
  • The Body Shop Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel 200ml
  • Boots Essentials Cucumber Cleansing Wipes x 25
  • Dove Supreme Cream Oil Body Wash Fine Silk 200ml
  • Total - 4 Items

Yeah, it wasn't a vintage performance by any means was it?  just four little items and no make up!  Do you know what the annoying thing is though? I finished 2 items today!!! I had a few things there or there abouts and having both a bath and a shower and a lazy cleanse today has meant that I have 2 finished items already in July grrrr! I have quite a few bits which are nearly done too including 2 body butters, a toner, a cleanser, an eye make up remover, a foundation and a lipgloss so July is bound to be better in both Trimming My Stash and Project 10 Pan.

So far so good with regards to Project 10 Pan, I got a few free bits in magazines and my mum bought me the amazing Famous Leopard Palette, but to be honest I haven't been majorly tempted to cave in yet. I'm quite liking the look of the MUA Undressed palette, and there is a lovely looking MAC MSF coming out next week but neither are things that I desperately need at this moment in time.

Despite the fact that I haven't purchased any make up this month I have spent a little bit more than I meant to - whoops

  • H&M Haul - £23.47
  • Begonia Scarf - ebay - £1.62
  • Dress - H&M - £14.99
  • Paper Masks - ebay - £1.09
  • Avon Order - £6.98
  • Geometric Necklace - ebay - £2.37
  • White Daisy Earrings - ebay - £1.49
  • Sunflower Style Necklace - ebay - £1.78
  • Primark Haul - £11.00
  • Suddenly Madame Glamour EDP - Lidl - £3.99
  • Magazines - £9.60
  • Nails Varnish and Earrings - Superdrug - £14.47
  • White Daisy Earrings - ebay - £1.49
  • Geometric Necklace - ebay - £2.37
Total So Far - £92.85
£52.85 Over 

Yes I went quite a bit over my limit didn't I ? but a lot of the purchases I made were pretty bargainous and were either sale items, 3 for 2's or from ebay. I made quite a bit of money on ebay this month which more than covered my haul so I'm not going to beat myself up for buying a few bits that I love, that said I am going to try harder to stick to my limit in July. If you haven't seen my haul which also included a few bits I got with my Superdrug point then check it out here x

So that was my June, onwards and upwards and, things can only get better as they say. I hope you all had a fabulous month and if like me you didn't here's hoping that July is better, Oh and fingers crossed we get some more sunshine, it is supposed to be summer after all xx Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon xx


  1. That storm was just something else. Half my town got flooded with the ridiculous rainfall.

  2. The storm was terrible!! Hope July is a better month for you hunnie xx


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