Monday 2 July 2012

Sparkles On A Budget - Nails Of The Day

This polish was one that my mum kindly bought me on our recent grand day out to The Bowes Museum. I'd first seen this colour on ebay - but it was selling for over £5.00, not bad for some polishes but Technic are a real budget brand.They are predominantly available on discount websites and in discount stores like Boyes where I got mine.

Technic Limited Edition Nail Varnish BQ3254 (catchy name eh!) was just £1.79 for 8ml and it is gorgeous. I love my silver holographs with a passion, and I have quite a few in my collection from Catherine Arley, Color Club, and of course GOSH and more but this is probably one of the cheapest. The application was a lot better than I was expecting and I achieved full coverage in two coats.

                                              Apologies For The Cat Hair In The Last Picture!!

It probably isn't quite as sparkly as GOSH holographic but for the price you can't argue. If you have a Boyes or a similar discount store near you I would definitely see if you can find this polish, I know next time I go into be my local Boyes I'm definitely going to checking out more of the Technic polishes. What do you think of this colour ? and have you tried any of Technic's nail varnishes? Let me know in the comments xx


  1. ooh nice - i have the gosh one but will look out for this one x

  2. I bought this one too from Bodycare for £1.99. It's a lovely colour, still wish I could get my hands on the GOSH one but I refuse to pay £20 xx


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