Monday 23 July 2012

Say Boom Boom Boom With MUA - A Budget Beauty Series Special

OK technically this should have been an Alexandra Burke songs, since she is the face of MUA Lip Booms but  Hallelujah seemed a little presumptuous, so we have the Outhere Brothers "classic" Boom, Boom, Boom instead - you've got love the 90s for gems like this haven't.

Anyways this isn't post on the history of pop music instead its all about the lips. Earlier this year the fabulous people at MUA (Make Up Academy) collaborated  with 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke to produce a new range of pocket friendly lip products - Lip Booms

Lip Booms are a double ended lip product. At one end you get a matte finish lipstick, and at the other end you have a highlighting lipgloss. These really are a multi functional product, you can create four different lip looks with each product, you can wear the lipstick on it own, the gloss on it own, or you can wear the gloss all over the lipstick, or you can just use the gloss in the centre of your lips or on your cupids bow to create a fuller lip look.

I'm a bit of a fan of MUA's lipsticks so I was really interested to try these, and I was lucky enough to receive two of the combinations for my birthday from the lovely Mummy Lou. The colours I received were Cheeky and Doin Good.

Cheeky in my opinion seems to be one of the most popular shades I've probably seen more blog posts on this shade than any of the others .Cheeky comprises of a pale bubblegum pink lipstick, which reminds me a bit of MAC Snob and a more of a dusky pink lipgloss which is crammed full of lots of sparkly glitter.

The lipstick has a slightly coconut / sweet based fragrance and a matte finish, I love the colour but pleased be warned this is one of those colours that will cling to every dry patch and line on your lips

. The highlighting gloss has a similar coconut based scent. It's quite different though colour wise compared to the lipstick, there are definitely more neutral tones in it, and it has warmer feel to it, and obviously it contains oodles of glitter.It is quite a thick gloss and as a result it does feel a bit sticky and gritty on the lips.

When you layer the two products together you get more of a peachy pink shade to the lips, as well as a pretty substantial coating of glitter. You can see some swatches here, the lipstick on it's own is at the bottom, then the gloss on its own, and finally the top swatch is of the gloss over the lipstick.

What about on the lips - well here I've swatched Cheeky using 3 of the 4 possible application techniques

Cheeky Lipstick On Its Own

Cheeky Highlighting Gloss On It Own 

Cheeky Highlighting Gloss All Over Cheeky Lipstick

The other shade I got was Doin Good - Doin Good is a much more dramatic / in your face combination

In the Doin Good combination you get a gorgeous pink /red matte lip colour, and nude pink gloss which is packed full of silver glitter.

Again the lipstick has a coconut type flavour and scent. Despite the matte finish I didn't find this colour as drying as the lipstick in Cheeky, I found this shade a lot more comfortable on the lips.

The highlighting lipgloss in Doin Good again is in a different but contrasting colour. This time the gloss is more of a nude colour packed full of silver glitter.

The two colours together equal a slightly muted but glossier version of the lipstick covered in glitter particles. As before the lipstick is at the bottom, then the gloss, then the two together.

Again on the lips using 3 of the 4 possible application techniques x

Doin Good Lipstick On It's Own

Doin Good Highlighting Lipgloss On It's Own

Doin Good Highlighting Lipgloss Over Doin Good Lipstick

These babies certainly make an impact don't they but I have to say I'm not convinced. The lipsticks on their own are fine and really wearable but I have a major problem with the highlighting lipglosses - They are just too glittery! If you want a real party look yes fair enough but for everyday wear these are just too much. Not only that but the glitter particles especially in Doin Good are just too big, they feel quite gritty on your lips and they have a tendency to move around your face and end up everywhere. Maybe I'm getting old but this much glitter just doesn't appeal anymore which is a shame. If your a real glitter junkie though, MUA Lip Booms might be for you. They come in 8 shades and retail at just £3.00 each so if you feel the same way I do at least you haven't wasted too much money x Have you tried Lip Booms? Am I alone in thinking their too glittertastic? Let me know in the comments x

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