Sunday 22 July 2012

Get Your Flares On - Nails Of The Day

In last months major nail polish haul one of the colours I picked up was Look Beauty Nail Pop in Shade 3 - Flares.

It's not quite lilac and it's not quite purple it's probably somewhere in the middle of the two. It applied perfectly in two coats, and leaves a super shiny finish

Excuse the weird effect I forgot to save another version of the pic after playing with ipiccy - sorry

Alongside blue, lilacs and purples are probably some of my favourite colours for nail polishes and this one is definitely a goodie. What do you think of Flares?

(Oh just a quickie did you know that if you click my pics you can enlarge them and see them almost like a slideshow - I've only just realised this duh lol x)

1 comment:

  1. Love that polish I am loving lilac polish at the mo x


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