Monday 30 July 2012

Cool, Clean and Fresh With Yes To Cucumbers - A Review For My Pure

Face Wipes - Yes we know we probably shouldn't use them but a lot of us still do. Their quick and easy and they do the job - the way I see it surely it's better to remover your make up with anything rather than leave it on overnight. Don't get me wrong I love my facial washes in the morning and a more cream or balm type cleanser in the evening, but I always make sure I have a packet of facial wipes on standby for when I'm feeling tired or I'm feeling poorly.

Because I don't use wipes as a regular part of my skincare routine, I never spend a lot of money on them, my preferred wipes are the cheap ones from Boots or from Aldi. For one of this months My Pure reviews though I decided to delve into the slightly higher priced, more natural market to see what they had to offer.

From the Yes To stable comes the Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Natural Glow Facial Towelettes - The cucumber line is Yes To's range specifically for sensitive skin. Designed to exfoliate, cleanse and rejuvenate the main ingredient of these wipes is organic Cucumber extract which is an gentle astringent which soothes and depuffs the skin, as well as removing dead skin cells. They also contain Green Tea which a natural antioxidant can help calm and clear breakouts and troubled skin and Aloe Vera which moisturises and soothes the skin.

Made of a natural and biodegradable material the towels comes in the packaging that we've come to expect from face wipes, but instead of the usual sticky flap that loses it's stick these wipes comes with a resealable lid. I love this idea because it keeps the product relatively airtight so they do dry out as easily and stay wetter for longer.

The wipes themselves are pretty much the size you come to expect, there are no nodules or patterning on the wipes, the only texture is that of the natural fibres.The wipes are quite strong and it's almost impossible to  tear them apart. Due to the clever packaging they have quite a wet feel, and a fresh but not over powering smell.

I used these wipes both in the morning to freshen and clean my skin and for the purpose of the trial I used them to remove make up - so here is a rare occurrence for you a face of the day :)

Products Used
MUA Make Up Academy Professional Matte Foundation - Shade 1 Soft Sand
Boots No7 Skin Defence Loose Powder - 01 Translucent 
Boots No 7 Concealer Trio (all colours blended) 
Living Nature Blush - Warm Summer *
(*Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes - Read My Review Here )
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder - Truth and Light 
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eye Shadow - 84 Epatant 
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara - 01 Black
(LIES I hate this mascara!!)
MAC Lipstick - Brave New Bronze
Lancome Juicy Tube - ??

In order to test these face wipes for you when there was still enough make up on my face (it's so humid today I'm sweating!!) I took it all back off for you using only these wipes less than two hours after I put it on that's dedication for you - first up scary wipes picture.

Yes, it took just took two wipes to clean all that slap off my face, now for the even scarier shot my with no make up on arghhhh!

As you can see it all came off! Surprisingly for me these wipes didn't sting my eyes at all - because of my facial palsy I suffer from natural dry eyes and some cleansers and removers can make my eyes stream and sting but not these. Having said that though I did get a few tingly moments on the rest of my face whilst I was trying these out. My skin is naturally quite pink but I do think it looked even pinker after using these wipes, maybe that's the glow their referring too? My skin also had a tendency to feel a little bit tight after use too. These wipes are supposedly for sensitive skin, but to be honest I probably wouldn't recommend these f your skin is very sensitive or very dry, they seem a bit too astringent for that. If your skin is normal or like mine verging of the more oily I think these wipes would be better for you. They did the job, they refreshed the skin and removed make up but I have to say I probably wouldn't repurchase - my cheaper ones do exactly the same job for less spends. Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Natural Glow Facial Towelettes retail at £4.99 for a pack of 30 from My Pure. What do you think of facial wipes? Do they have a place in a skin care regime? let me know in the comments?

(Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Natural Glow Facial Towelettes Were Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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