Thursday 12 July 2012

Spot The Difference - A Budget Beauty Series Special Featuring BD Barbara Daly Make Up

This year is officially the year that I lost my MAC mojo, whether it's down to an overload of make up in general or the fact that it's almost impossible to keep up with the numerous releases, I can count the number of MAC items I've purchased or acquired this year on one hand. A lot of the collections have been very samey, and although I've had to sit on my hands big style to stop myself ordering Light Years MSF from the Heavenly Creatures collection not much has really screamed buy me this year.

However one product I received as a gift earlier this year has already cemented a special place in my heart. MAC Modern Pewter eyeshadow from the Extra Dimension collection.

We'll start off with the appearance - how amazing do these shadows look ?, with the MAC embossing and the wave design, they are almost too pretty to use.

I say almost, but I have to say I have used this at least twice a week since I got it. They have a fabulously almost creamy powdery texture, and they are really pigmented with a lovely metallic finish. The colour I got Modern Pewter, is sort of a dirty gold, green, pewter colour

It so easy to wear on it own, when I'm having a lazy day but want a little bit of an impact. These shadows can be worn dry as I've shown here or they can be used wet for even more of an impact.

I really love this shadow, and I really wish that I'd picked up a few more colours from the collection when it was available but alas at £16.50 each I couldn't really afford it. Imagine my intrigue and delight though when I received a press release regarding a product in the acclaimed BD Barbara Daly Make Up line at Tesco - Spot the difference?

                                          MAC Havana   
                                          BD Gold Dust
                                               MAC Lunar
                               BD Navy Reflection 

                                     MAC Warm Thunder 
                                       BD Cinder Shine

OK there not identical but they look pretty similar to me, and guess what the BD Satin Swirls were released at least 6 months before the MAC alternatives. They are available in 10 fabulous shades and promise a silky smooth satin finish and texture.

I was kindly sent one of the BD Barbara Daly Make Up Satin Swirl Eyes in Cinder Shine to try out.

On appearance they do look quite similar, the BD shadows feature an all over 3D swirled design, where as the MAC shadows as well as the swirls features a smooth area with an embossed logo design. The BD Satin Swirl shadow feels very soft but it's perhaps not quite as creamy as the MAC alternative. Never the less it's still very pigmented and it gives super smooth, even coverage on the lids.

Cinder Shine as you would expect is a dark smoky grey shade, it's has a lot of silver in it though and quite a metallic finish.

Whilst I can't compare it directly to the product and shade that it's supposed to dupe,I have to say I really like this product. It may not be quite as smooth and creamy as the MAC alternative but it's still a soft, pigmented, good quality shadow exactly what you would expect from such a great name as Barbara Daly. My one tiny little query is with the price - these shadows retail for £8.00 for 2.5g which I do think is a tiny bit steep for what is in essence a supermarket product. That said though the MAC Extra Dimension shadows were a limited edition and retailed for £16.50 for 2g each so these shadows are a bargain in comparison. Next time I'm at my nearest large Tesco's and I'm not doing project 10 pan I'm definitely going to look out for these especially since the Barbara Daly range is often on 3 for 2 - I'm particularly liking the look of Oyster and Taupe Ripple :) BD Barbara Daly Satin Swirl Eyes come in 10 shades and retail at £8.00 each from larger Tesco stores and online. What do you think of Satin Swirls? Let me know in the comments and keep checking out my blog for more BD Barbara Daly at Tesco reviews x

(BD Barbara Daly Make Up Satin Swirl Eyes- Cinder Shine 2.5g Was Provided By PR For Review Purposes)


  1. IHih it's because they've both been produced in italy by an italian multinational. Those type of shadows have been requested so much by different companies. They are amazing. And they can be worn wet or dry.
    Look for Madina Milano and click on their Prismashine shadows...I've been using them for 2 years now ;)))

  2. As a cheaper alternative they look great. But in a way I wish they didn't do pretty patterns, cause it's heartbreaking to then destroy it. [Or is that just me?] lol


  3. They look really lovely - I shall look out for the next time I'm in Tesco's!


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