Friday 18 May 2012

Sometimes The Cheaper Version Is The Best - Nails Of The Day

It comes as no surprise that today's NOTD involves yet another colour that it's impossible to capture correctly on camera . I could say that it's down to the hideous, grey, dull weather but I guess I'd only be partially correct, this is one of those colours that can look so different depending on the lighting conditions. The pictures I've taken here are taken in natural light x

 Look Beauty - Kimono is a really decent high street dupe of Chanel - Peridot - the perfect combination of green, gold and bronze, not so much a duo chrome, more like a trio chrome :)   As you know I own Peridot (click here to see a NOTD ) but I have to say I think I like this better - with careful application you could probably get away with one coat, the formulation was perfect and the application was damn near perfect - any mistakes aren't down to the polish their down to my very shaky hands - I can't keep them still today for some reason :(

I love this polish soooo much - and the formulation and application has definitely made me want to try some more Look Beauty polishes. What do think of Kimono?


  1. I like it but not enough to buy it. It's basically an olive green. I didn't fall for Peridot so this is also a *meh* polish for me.

  2. Can you tell me where I can get the Kimono brand of nail polish please?

    1. Hi Bex you can get the Look Beauty range from certain superdrug stores or from here x


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