Thursday 17 May 2012

Birthday Goodies and Feeling The Love (Pic Heavy)

I'm never sure about doing these type of posts but popular opinion has won out - you wanted me to do it. As much as what I'm about to show you could be relevant to my blog, some people always try to make out that your showing off. I'm not honestly I was very lucky to receive so many lovely gifts and believe me I know that - my family and friends really are the best. I'm not showing you everything I got here just some of the beauty and fashion items x

We'll start with make up -  as you know at the beginning of April I went to McArthur Glen York and the CCO, at the time I picked up a few bits that went towards my birthday pressie - first up something I thought had long gone - Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick

I loved this the first time I saw it, gorgeous stripes of pink, nude and silver, that you can use on the eyes or cheeks - my first shimmer brick and I love it x

I also got another Bobbi Brown item, this time one of her Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadows - I love the lasting ability and the formula of these I only had one before this Black Pearl but I knew I wanted more.

For some reason this one wasn't on my wishlist - doh why I really don't know it is amazing

13 Opal is exactly that, at first glance it just looks off white but give it a wiggle all this amazing shine appears for gold, to green, to peach and silver this is one beautiful shadow!!!

The final CCO item that I received was a MAC Paintpot  from the Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection, the colour in question For Effect

This is my first paintpot in limited edition packaging :) I have to say I love the white lid : For Effect is gorgeous black/ grey with lots and lots of silver sparkle so pretty and I think it will male a great base.

As well as the things I picked up from the CCO I was also lucky enough to get quite a few more make up goodies including two items from my wishlist

Yes another Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - this time in Epatant

OMG this is soooo pretty a sort of silvery, pewtery green love it :)

Next something I've wanted for ages and ages - Chanel Bronze Universal :)

I can't wait to have a proper play with this, but I'd appreciate some advice on what's the best way to apply it  and use and it and would brush do you use x please leave me a comment and let me know or link me to any post or videos you've done xx

As well as the high end stuff I also got some drugstore bits including two MUA Lip Booms in Cheeky and Doin Good

I'm going to do a full post on these so no swatches at the moment xx I'm also going to do a post on this baby too - the MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette in Pretty Pastels

First impressions of this palette though are good some lovely right on trend spring / summer colours that seem really pigmented

Next up beauty wise - nails  - I got this Perfect Formula Nail Care Collection - I'm going to do a full review on this in a few months time when I've had a chance to see if it works :)

It wouldn't be me if I didn't get any nail polishes and I did - I got a Nails Inc set from Mummy Lou containing 7 polishes - from left to right - Royal Mews, Wilton Row, Piccadilly Arcade and Mayfair Mews

and again from left to right - Baker Street, Belgrave Mews and Cadogan Place

I'm so pleased with this kit of course I got the much wanted Baker Street but all the other colours are gorgeous especially Royal Mews which is a silver holograph, and Belgrave Mews which is the most amazing green with iridescent flashes shooting through it.

The final beauty gift I got was from one of my besties Helen x It's The Perfume Studio Design Your Own Perfume Kit in Fresh

You get a little atomiser and 6 vials of perfume oil so you can make up your own fragrances :) See you can get things to play with when you get older :)

I also got a few clothing and jewellery items including this little lapis and silver bracelet that you saw in yesterdays post

and this necklace which my godmother bought at a craft fayre

and I also got this top from Mummy Lou - I love the ruffles

My godparents were super generous as per usual and got me these bits courtesy of our shopping trip last week - first up these lovely tan ballet pumps which were from Primark x

This lovely midi skirt from New Look

and this gorgeous messenger bag from Zara

I love the mousy grey / greige colour and I love the rose gold tone hardware

I got loads of other bits and bobs, sweeties, stationary and dvds and I also got this from one of  my besties Dawn :)

How cute is that ? I'm going to be using it as a blog book so I can work out my upcoming posts, make notes and things to help me get more organised.

So yes I was well and truly spoilt and I'm very grateful to everyone for being so generous on my birthday - I'd also like to thank two lovely bloggers and tweeters who sent me two lovely surprise parcels - the lovely Liloo and the amazingly sweet and kind Charlotte, check these lovely ladies out if you haven't already they really are the epitome of human kindness and loveliness and I'm forever grateful that our paths have crossed thanks to the world wide web xx As per usual if you have any questions please leave me a comment xx


  1. You got some some lovely things. :) Would love to know your thoughts on the chanel bronzer once you have had a chance to use it a few times. xx

  2. You got some lovely things! I hardly ever get anything for my birthday anymore :( it's sad! Haha. I have two pairs of those tan Primark pumps and I LOVE Nails Inc Baker Street - I hope you do too!xx


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