Saturday 26 May 2012

My New Best Friend - Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Maximum Effect Lash Curlers

If your anything like me there will always be a part of our beauty or make up routines that we skip when we're in a rush or when we just can't be bothered. I have two make up fails eye liner, and eyelashes. Eye liner needs a steady hand and time something I don't always have, and lashes, well I love my mascara but I almost never curl my eyelashes - I own a pair of manual eyelash curlers and some battery operated ones but I never reach for them. 

Times change though and people change, so when I was given the opportunity to try out a set of budget eyelash curlers, I thought why not, my eyelashes are pretty good with a coat of mascara, but maybe I'm not making the most of them - this was my chance to find out.

The lash curlers I was sent were the Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Maximum Effect Lash Curlers. The Cosmopolitan beauty range was developed by the beauty brains at Cosmopolitan magazine and features a range of 26 items including false nails, cosmetic brushes, make up sponges and of these course eyelash curlers.

There isn't anything different or innovative about the design these curlers are made a bright silver tone metal, and feature white rubber handles which feature rubber pads for easy gripping.

To curl your lashes you simply clamp them between the curved metal section and the white rubber pad, and hold for around 20 seconds before releasing them

Unlike some eyelash curlers on the market - these curlers come with 2 replacement rubber pads that you can use when your first one wears out :) - have you ever tried to find replacement pads out there ? I think that's one of the reasons I stopped using them in the first place!

These curlers feel really nice in your hand, the rubber grips make it really comfortable even for me when I'm suffering from pains in my hands. The resistance spring is also at just the right strength to produce a nice curl without having to press too hard. All good so far - nice design, nice feel but how do they perform - well it's before and after time again


Yes I do have lashes including a very distinctive white one, how did that happen ? my mascara less lashes aren't that bad I guess but they do look a bit bitty here and they are pretty straight


Well with about a 20 second hold in these lash curlers you can certainly see the difference, my lashes almost appear to have sprung to attention even without mascara my eyes look bigger and I look much more awake, what about with a bit of mascara on ?

With Mascara

Woweee spidery or what, with a couple of coats of mascara on top of my curled lashes, my lashes look longer, and my eyes look more uplifted. The mascara I used here was the MUA Professional Extreme Volume Mascara in Extreme Black (click here for a review and to see it on uncurled lashes ) yes it was on it's last legs but alongside this lash curler it's really made my eyelashes look amazing. 

Am I converted? well I have to say yes, maybe it's because I'm getting older but I love the lifted look that these curlers give my eyes, I look more alive and more awake which can only be a good thing. Is that down to these eyelash curlers or eyelash curlers in general?  I'm not sure on that one but I'm super glad to have these in my make up bag and I'm definitely going to start making time in my routine to curl my lashes, you can keep your Shu Uemura I'm sticking with these £3.95 beauties from Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan Maximum Effect Lash Curlers retail at around £3.95 from various stockists including Superdrug and Tesco. Have you tried anything from Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert? and What the beauty task that you skip? leave me a comment below xx

(Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Maximum Effect Lash Curlers Were Provided By PR For Review Purposes)


  1. these curlers look great, not tried anything from the Cosmo range before. The task i skip is eye cream! x

  2. There really decent for the price - really well made :) I've also heard good things about the Primark ones too believe it or not :) I have to say I used to skip eye products all together but I'm getting older now and I'm starting to see a few fine lines appear :( Thanks for reading xx


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