Friday 25 May 2012

Project 10 Pan - Round 2 - 1 Down - MUA Professional Extreme Volume Mascara

It's been a little while in coming but I've finally finished my first item in Project 10 Pan Round 2. Predictably it was a mascara - MUA Professional Extreme Volume Mascara 7ml in Extreme Black.

This was one of the products that I thought I would finish pretty quickly.I've been using it for way longer than the recommended 3 months - slaps wrists and prepares for a telling off from the hygiene police ;) but it's finally given up the ghost, and gone clumpy (see tomorrows post for proof ;).

I've already done a review of this mascara in my MUA Professional Eyes post which you can see here. It's a pretty decent mascara for the price but given my passion for trying out every new mascara on the market, and the fact I have about 10 unopened ones in my collection I probably wouldn't repurchase.

So that's one down 9 to go, what will be next? maybe a face product I think, I haven't been wearing much make up in the heat but I have a few powders and a foundation that on their way out , we'll see I guess, but so far so good - I can do this ;) xx

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