Thursday 31 May 2012

Some May Purchases xx

If your a regular reader of my little part of cyberspace you'll probably have noticed the absence of haul posts in May, I've posted my birthday haul but that 's been it. From now on I think I'm only going to be doing one haul post a month. I enjoy doing haul posts but as you know I'm trying to save a little bit of money so I'm not planning on making too many purchases in the near future, and obviously I'm not going to be purchasing any make up for a little while, so one collective haul a month is the way forward :)

This month the majority of my purchase have been from ebay - I've had a few blog sales this month, and I've been selling a few bits on ebay so I've had some money in my paypal - always dangerous - but this month I've been trawling ebay looking for bargains, partially thanks to the lovely Victoria's fabulous weekly ebay posts :)

I showed you my bow ring purchase at the start of the month but I've also bought a few more rings including this copy of the YSL Arty Ring - ebay is full of these chunky rings but I went for one the cheapest I could find - this ring was just £1.19 including postage from Hong Kong (click here to see the seller)

TBH I'm pleased I didn't pay any more for this, it's not down to the quality of the ring which is decent for the price, it's more down to the style of the ring itself, it's just not for me. It's very chunky and constricting on your fingers, and I don't find it that comfortable to wear - I like chunky rings but this one is very much for short time wear.As much as I like chunky rings, I also love small and delicate ones too, and this was one that I'd been stalking for some time - It was just 98p including postage and packing, and again it was from Hong Kong (click to see the seller).

I love little flowers and daisies in particular so I love this, it's so pretty and delicate and it's adjustable, which is always good especially when you have little fingers or sausages like me :)

I also purchased a little necklace from ebay too, which was just 99p including postage and packing (click here for the seller :) 

I love this necklace, it's very delicate in structure and in feel but the stars give it a funky touch :)

My next ebay purchase in May again from Hong Kong, is probably my favourite purchase of the month, this pretty scarf is beige covered in a print which contains shoes, lipsticks, handbags, hats and bows :) It was just £2.59 including postage from this seller.

You really can't get an ideal of the size from these pics but it must be a good 4ft long, it is huge , it gorgeous and such good quality for the price

My final ebay purchase is one that I've already seen on quite a few blogs - the famous fox bag :)

There are loads of these on ebay in different colours, the prices do seem to vary from seller to seller but I got the brown version, which was a massive £6.99 including postage from this seller :)

It's not the biggest of bags but I really love the style it's once of those bags you could use when you didn't need to take much with you :)

I also made one none ebay purchase in May with this vest from H&M which was just £3.99 - It's a little bit sheer so I'm intending to use it as a layering piece x

My final purchases of the month weren't really purchased by me they were all down to the lovely Mummy Lou - first up this lovely vest top from Primark it is super dooper long and has quite a textured feel. Mummy Lou bought me a similar one in a kind of pewter / gold shade for Christmas but I can't find it to save my life - this was was only £3 in the sale

and finally this little notebook from Primark I love the patriotic, shabby chic style print - I think was only a £1.00

So that was my little haul from May - I've really been loving ebay as you can tell and Primark as per usual has come up trumps. If you have any questions on anything I've bought please leave me a comment xx

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  1. awww the fox bag is just so cute. I love rings too and that little notebook is lovely x


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