Monday 7 May 2012

My MAC Collection - Mineralize Eyeshadows

I have to say I have a love / hate relationship with MAC's Mineralize Eyeshadows. When their good they are amazing, soft, pigmented shadows that go on like a dream whether their wet or dry, but when their bad, they are bad a chunky, rough, glitter mess.

In the baked formulation these shadows look gorgeous even in the pan, depending on the release you got one, two or 3 shades in the pan, some are just solid baked colours, and some feature multi coloured veining.

I used to have a lot more of these shadows than I do now, but I sold  quite a few that I either didn't like or that I never wore. My current collection comprises of 8 Mineralize shadows - I actually have 9 - I actually broke Fresh Green Mix just before I took these pictures :( hardly any of it could be saved so I just have the compact with  the merest sprinkling of shadow in it - sad times :( - anyways on with show!

First up the only shadow in special packaging - Snow Season - this was a limited edition shadow which came out with the 2011 holiday collection Glitter and Ice -I heart this colour it a taupe /nude shade with slightly darker veining - shimmery and very, very pretty.

Next another one of the single shade Mineralize Eyeshadows - Gilt By Association

Originally released as a limited edition in 2009 with the Style Black collection,  Gilt By Association is a black shade with golden bronze shimmer and veining -a really nice shade for a take on the smokey eye.

Next up the first duo in my collection and the first Mineralize eyeshadow I bought, the beautiful Family Silver

Originally released way back in 2007 Family Silver is probably my favourite Mineralize shadow, I'm not sure the name suits it to be honest it's a sort of a dark and a light silvery nude with gold veining, I've probably worn this one more than all the rest put together, it's a really easy shade to wear. It isn't on the MAC site at the moment but as far as I'm aware it is permanent x

Next one of the strangest but prettiest combinations Brightside Gallery Gal

Brightside Gallery Gal contains two of the softest creamiest powders ever. It features a gorgeous champagne colour, and super pretty olive green- can't say much more really lovely duo that I should really wear more often, again I'm lead to believe it's permanent x

Another permanent shade in my collection is Play on Plums

This duo contains a pretty golden peach shade with gold and bronze veining and a metallic burgundy again with gold and bronze veining. I haven't used this one very much to be honest but I really should the peach side is especially pretty.

Next up another one that I haven't shown enough love to - Earthly Riches

Another permanent shadow Earthly Riches features a brown / grey with pink / purple veining and a lovely plum / purple

Now another shade that I've shown a bit more love to Polar Opposites

This is a lovely duo that works fabulously well especially when it's wet it gives a lovely silver foiled finish. It features a dirty toned silver with silver, blue and pink veining, and a gorgeous solid silver grey - Lovely shade but I think it was limited edition.

Finally a shadow that sums up the Mineralize line in one compact, Devil-May-Care

I'm guessing you can see what I mean just by looking at it. Released as part of the 2009 Holiday Collection Magic, Mirth and Mischief , Devil-May-Care features a beautiful creamy lilac and a hideous chunky, glittery silver. I love the lilac but the silver is awful you get so much glittery fallout and not enough pigmentation. How could MAC get it so right but so wrong in the one compact! Thankfully this product was a limited edition it only worth buying for the lilac shade imo.

So that was my mineralize shadow collection, the highs are high and the lows are low, these babies are either good or bad, there is no middle ground. Mineralize Shadows retail for around £16.50 in the UK but you  can often pick them up in the CCO for quite a bit less, my advice though is always swatch before before you buy to make sure you pick a good one. I'm fairly happy with the ones that I have but I do like the look of Sweet N Sour and Love Connection - damn you Project 10 Pan lol. What do you think of MAC Mineralize shadows? let me know in the comments xx

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