Monday 28 May 2012

My Nail Polish Collection - Models Own

One of the biggest high street nail polish brands at the moment in the blogosphere has to be Models Own. For just £5 you get 14ml of nail polish, not only that but there are over 100 colours to choose from! The polish quality I have to say is pretty decent, they usually apply pretty well and the majority of colours seem to last fairly well too. My only gripe is the lid, I find the lid a bit unwieldy, and awkward to hold, this isn't a problem specific to Models Own though, I have the same problem with Nails Inc polishes. Other than that though I think these polishes are a great buy, I currently have 13 Models Own colours in my collection, including a couple of Beetlejuice shades, and some glitters, as per usual click the names to see some nails of the days x

First up some of the Beetlejuice shades from the original release last year - on the left Aqua Violet and on the right Golden Green 

I love these two shades Aqua Violet is exactly that, a lovely blue, pink, purple duo chrome, and Golden Green is one of those olive green, golden shades which I love :) It in the same sort of colour family as Chanel Peridot but I find it a lot greener. I also one of the colours from this years Beetlejuice release Indian Ocean.

I've been wearing this beautiful shade on it's own, it needs a few coats for full coverage but it's a gorgeous colour pale blue, pink and gold depending on how the light hits it

I'm also lead to believe that this makes a great layering colour, over more solid blues and even pinks - I definitely need to give it a try :)

Next up glitters I used to own quite a few Models Own glitters but I actually sold a few on without even opening them - bad LouLou, so I only have two now - Scarlet Sparkle and Disco Mix

Disco Mix is an amazing pale blue jelly polish which is filled with purple / fuchsia and blue glitter - it takes a few coats but it is possible to achieve full coverage. Scarlet Sparkle is exactly as you would imagine it to be - a scarlet red base filled with red glitter - think Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz and you've got it. I love this colour so much I've decided to do a nails of the day with it here - this is two coats and as you can see the coverage is perfect.

As well as the glitters and duo chromes, Models Own also produces numerous and I mean numerous, everyday shades, just normal polishes in a cream or shimmer finish, they aren't boring by any means, they literally come in every colour of the rainbow and a lot more besides.

From left to right - Dusty Mauve, Slate Green, Nude Beige and Misty Grey

With careful application you could probably get away with just one coat, but I tend to go for two to for a perfect finish - the same also applies to these shades at the brighter end of the colour spectrum.

From left to right - Pink Blush, Lilac Dream, Purple Poppy and Fuzzy Peach

So that's my Models Own collection to date, I think I own a nice variety of colours and finishes. There really is something for everything in the Models Own range from brights to neutrals, to glitters and even nails art and crackles. My favourites shades are probably the Beetlejuice shades, and the glitters, and I'm also loving the brighter shades especially at this time of year - Pink Blush is a particular favourite - a nice but easy to wear bright pink. I would never rule out adding more colours to my Models Own collection so if you have any particular favourites please let me know in the comments xx


  1. I've not tried any Models Own polishes before but they are all so pretty! I think the first two are my fav :) x

  2. Thanks lovely I love the Beetlejuice colours :)

  3. I have started to get quite a few Models Own polishes recently. I've been loving Beth's Blue and Utopia just lately. I'm in the middle of painting my nails in Slate Green, which I've just bought x

    1. I quite fancy Beths Blue actually I'm a sucker for blue polishes :)

  4. I love Models Own polishes so much. Indian Ocean looks gorgeous, I neeeeed it!

  5. I have Indian Ocean. I need to try it on a deep blue!

  6. this red is just too gorgeous for words. wowwowowowowowowowsosoowwowo!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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