Saturday 28 February 2015

Isle Of Wolf Natural Perfumed Candle - Cinnamon Spice - A Review For My Pure*

If I was to take you on a tour around my house, you'd notice several things, cat hair, beauty products and candles. It's safe to say that I'm a bit of candle fan - there are candles everywhere, the lounge, the kitchen, the bathroom and of course in the bedrooms. As well as fragrancing the home (essential with 4 cats!) I find candle light incredible relaxing, and watching a flickering flame as anyone who has ever practised any form of meditation or yoga will know, is one of the best things for clearing your head when it's full of rubbish.

I have a brand of candles in my home that I swear by but recently I've started to think outside of the box and try some other brands. As I've mentioned before there are lots and lots of new items on natural beauty site My Pure and to my delight I noticed a new brand of candles, Isle Of Wolf.

Isle of Wolf are a Latvian brand based near the shores of the Baltic Sea, From their authentic manor house,Vilksala, this family run firm has revived the traditional craft of candle making. All of their candles are made from 100% plant waxes and are scented with only pure essential oils. The soy wax that they use is free from genetic modification and the wicks are lead free to produce a cleaner, safer burn.

There are currently 8 fragrance to choose from but with the cold weather and dark nights still upon us I went for the warming sound Isle Of Wolf Natural Perfume Candle in Cinnamon Spice.

The 190ml candle comes in a off white and gold box and this particular one comes in a sturdy dark, glass votive holder. On the base of the votive holder is an attached, heat and scratch proof coaster.

Inside the glass holder, the candle is creamy white in colour, and feels smooth to the touch. The candle size is 190ml and the brand claims that this candle will burn for around 40 hours.

The minute you open the box the fragrance hits you. Cinnamon Spice contains a combination of cinnamon, cardamon, clove and orange. The scent is a funny one to describe, unlike a lot of cinnamon candles on the market it doesn't smell like out and out cinnamon. Instead this candle has more of rounded, spicy, woody, citrus scent. Mummy Lou wasn't a huge fan of the scent, she's more of a pure cinnamon stick scent lover but I found it quite warming and comforting.

In the past I haven't always been the biggest fan of soy candles as I've often found them to be too smokey and dirty, but slowly but surely I'm coming around. This candle has a very clean, even burn, the flame is very steady and after burning it for around 5 hours I'm still yet to see any soot residue in the votive holder or anywhere else in the surrounding area

I have to say the scent throw from this candle wasn't enough to fill my large open plan, 70's style lounge. Given the size of the candle and the size of the room I was probably asking too much, but use it say in a smaller room, or in the bathroom or like I did on my bedside table, and you'll get a pleasant and acceptable level of fragrance.

Several things really impressed me about this candle - first of all the packaging - it looks expensive - think those boutique and posh fragrance company candles and you're about there. This is the type of candle that you would see in a home deco magazine and it's something that you would be proud to display in your home. 

I also love the attached heat and scratch proof coaster. I usually burn my candles or either a glass or a marble surface but if you have wood furniture or you want to extra cautious you need to find a coaster - not in this case though because your coaster is built it. I think that this is a fabulous idea and I think that more candle companies should follow Isle Of Wolf's lead.

The final thing that I love about this candle is the burn, this candle has a really, really clean burn, you don't seem to get any smoking or excess sooting. Okay the fragrance throw means that this candle is only suitable for intimate fragrancing but what your getting is pure fragrance, with no added fumes or smoke.

These candles aren't cheap but for a gift or for a dressing table, or for anyone who is interested in home style and decor this candle could be a one to try, and I'll definitely consider trying some of the other fragrances in the future. Isle Of Wolf Natural Perfumed Candle - Cinnamon Spice 190ml normally retails at £20 from My Pure but it's currently on special offer at £18. Are you a scented candle fan? 



  1. I adore scented candles!!I have so many in my house and i burn one of each almsot every night!I love as well,cinnamon scent,its so strong,spicy and kinda it cleans the atmosphere.My favorite scent is vanilla,orane and coffee...i think its a little bit expensive,but maybe its because of the brand.i bought mine for about 10euros each (i live in Greece).,but it worth for a candle! :)

  2. Love the packaging! Would love to try this candle!

  3. I love the look of this candle! The packaging is so adorable - definitely agree with you, would make such a lovely gift :)

    Great post!
    Charlotte xxx

  4. This sounds and smells so nice. I think I'm going to have to check out this brand!

  5. Sounds so good, I'm a total candle addict! I bought one similar to this from Osmology and I love it so much!


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