Monday 9 February 2015

A Little Primark Haul

Apologies that I'm a little late with this one, but a couple of weeks ago I ventured into Newcastle city centre for a meeting and as I had an hour or so to kill I went shopping. I didn't buy that much but I did buy a few things in Primark. Since I'm more of a mall girl I don't actually go into Newcastle that often now, but when I do I always head to the cities huge, 4 floor Primark. It's so big that I actually find it a bit overwhelming so I never end up buying a lot and this visit was no different.

One of the biggest assets of the Newcastle's, Primark is it's home department, I'm a bit obsessed with home wear at the minute, and especially cushions (I have a cushion wishlist! Sad?) and I couldn't resist picking up this kitty cat cushion. It's made of a wool mix felt, and it was just £6.

They also had an owl version and some lovely duvet sets but I reined myself in and headed to the sales racks. As per usual there was a lot of tat but I saw this top and I couldn't quite decide if I loved it or hated it.

I picked up and put it down twice before I decided that I had to have it. I think it's a love / hate piece but I'm a big fan of gaudy, 70's type floral prints so eventually I put it in my basket. It's made of a scuba type fabric and it's covered in a slightly, blurred digital rose and floral print, in shades of green and cream. It was reduced from to £10 to £5.

Big Floral and 70's style prints are huge at the minute and I could easily have bought a few more and I definitely feel like a return trip, but on the day I was super good and bought only one other clothing item.

Minions! These strange yellow things always make me smile and I can't wait to see the Minion movie when it's released later this year. This was £6.

I had a good look through both the beauty and jewellery section but there was nothing that I really wanted, and since the shoes were also out due to my damaged toe, the final thing I bought was a pack of the £1 Opia hair bobbles in brown and cream tones. I've reviewed there hair bobbles here and I swear by them. They're cheap and they don't tug on your hair like metal bobbles. I've bought packs and packs of these over the years, and I'm sure I'll continue to buy them, I just wish my cat Tallulah didn't love them as much as I do!

Since I'm trying to get back into You Tube I've also filmed a little haul video for you x I'd really appreciate if you'd take look and I'll love you for ever if you subscribe to my channel x

I'm seriously planning another Primark trip in the next few weeks, so if you've seen anything fabulous or worth picking up I'd love to hear from you x Thanks for reading x 


  1. Love what you bought! Seeing a picture of that minion top brought a smile to my face too - definitely have to go hunt it down for myself haha!

    Great post :)
    Charlotte xx

  2. The Minions shirt is sooo cute , I'm dying here !!!

  3. Thanks Guys x I wore my Minion t-shirt today and it definitely lifted my mood I'm now wearing minion pjs to keep the happy vibe going xx

  4. Love the kitty pillow! So adorable!


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