Thursday 26 February 2015

An Introduction To Make Up Revolution Pro Brushes

It's hard to believe that Make Up Revolution have been filling our budget make up fantasies for less than a year but ti's true. The brand have came on leaps and bounds since their launch, and now produce an ever expanding range of eye, lip and face products, as well as skincare items and now make up brushes!

If you're a follower of their instagram page and you've ever read some of the comments on their posts you'll know that what people really wanted to see from the brand was brushes. Well they listened, and after a sneaky peek in some of their Christmas sets, at the end of January they released their range of Pro Brushes.

The line consists of 9, super affordable face and eye brushes which range from £1.50 - £3 each. Despite the low price point these brushes are all made of soft, animal friendly synthetic fibres. They have quite a classic, expensive appearance and they remind me a little bit of the elf Studio brushes. Each brush has a black metal ferrule and a black handle which features the brand name and brush number embossed in gold. Each individual brush also comes in it's own plastic wallet for travel or storage.

Although I have lots and lots of make up brushes already I couldn't resist dipping my toe into the water and on launch day I tried to be restrained and ordered 4 brushes to try

Make Up Revolution Pro F103 Stippling Brush

One of my favourite types of face brush is the stippling brush and although I already have quite a few in my collection from all price points, I couldn't resist picking up another one.

Like the majority of them that I have this one has a flat top,and it has the look of a duo fibre brush with the black and white synthetic hairs.

Coming complete with a plastic brush head cover, this one isn't quite as dense or firm as some of them I own but the fibres are super soft.

Make Up Revolution are marketing this brush as a foundation brush, and whilst I think it it would be good for more prescise application around the eyes, nose and mouth I actually prefer a much bigger brush to apply my foundation. Instead I've been using this mainly with both powder and cream blushers. I also love brushes like this for applying my Chanel Bronze Universal in the summer so I think it's a brush that I will get a lot of use out of all year round. The Make Up Revolution Pro F103 Stippling Brush retails at £3

Make Up Revolution Pro E101 Eyeshadow Brush

Ah eyeshadow brushes I have so many yet when I come to get one they're all dirty. I've said it before but I'm very much a use it once and wash it girl, so another eyeshadow brush never comes in wrong.

This is a basic eyeshadow brush, suitable for both cream and powder eyeshadows. It has rounded, slightly tapered black hairs and it is tiny!

It's a full size brush but the brush head on this is very small, I don't have a lot of lid space and even I needed to double and triple dip to cover my eyelid. For me it's small size, and firm bristles mean that for me this probably more of a detail brush. It would be excellent for applying a small amount of colour to the crease or for more detailed work, or even for smudging out liner. It 's a good brush but for me though it's just not big enough to use over the whole lid. This brush retails at £1.95

Make Up Revolution Pro E102 Eyeshadow Contour Brush

Another eyeshadow brush and this time it's the Eyeshadow Contour Brush. Again made of black fibres this brush features an angled.flat top head.

Unlike the last brush, this one is the perfect size. The angle of the brush fits the contours of the eye perfectly, and this brush is great for applying either a singular colour to the eye or for blending out shades or crease work. It doesn't feel quite as dense as the previous brush but the fibres are soft and it's firm enough to the job perfectly. This brush is also £1.95.

Make Up Revolution E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Out of the 3 eyeshadow brushes that I got this is probably my favourite. It's the archetypal fluffy blending brush, but unlike a lot of them on the market the density and texture of this are spot on.

The black bristles are exactly right, it isn't too fluffy, it's evenly formed with very few splayed hairs, and it's solid enough to blend shadows evenly and without too much pressure. 

I particularly liked using this brush with cream shadows, but thinking outside the box I think this brush would also be good for popping a bit of powder under the eyes and even for buffing in a bit of concealer. It's a really versatile brush and I'm not surprised that it's currently sold out on the Make Up Revolution website. Again it's just £1.95 and it's the sort of brush you would use again and again.

My first dabble into Make Up Revolution's Pro Brush has been largely positive. I do have the odd quirk here and there but I can't argue with the quality. All of the brushes feel nice and soft on the skin and they wash like a dream, in fact in two washes I haven't lost a single hair from any of my brushes. 

I also love the fact that they're synthetic, not only does that mean that they're animal friendly but it also means that the brushes are more versatile and that you can use them with both liquids and powders, without damaging either your products or the brush fibres.

At the moment I think the brushes are just available from the Make Up Revolution website but If you're on a budget and you're looking for some new face and eye brushes I think the Make Up Revolution Pro Brushes are definitely worth a try. 

The individual brush prices are excellent but if your buying for a teen or someone who is relatively new to make up then you can also buy a kit, the Full Pro Brush Collection which contains all 9 brushes for £20 or you could buy a face collection, the Full Pro Face Collection which contains all 5 face brushes for just £14. I really hope that this is just the beginning and that we'll hopefully see some more brushes and accessories from the brand in the future. 

Have you tried any of the Make Up Revolution Pro Brushes yet? 

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  1. Love the look of these brushes, they look really good for the price. Thanks for doing such a detailed review aswell but I think another cheeky make up revolution order is now way over due lol ^_^


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