Tuesday 3 February 2015

Le Savonnier Marseillais Extra Pure Olive Oil Body Soap With Lavender Essential Oil - A Review For My Pure*

One of my favourite fragrances when it comes to bathing and showering is lavender. I think lavender has had a pretty bad press over the years but to be honest I can see why. The majority of lavender scented products on the market have probably never seen a sprig of real lavender in their lives. Synthetic lavender products just aren't that nice and dare I say it they have a reputation of being a little bit old lady like. I think it's a real shame and products like this have probably put a generation of people off anything that smells of lavender.

Not me though, if you buy a good, product that contains real lavender essential oil then you're on to a winner and those traditional stereotypes go flying out of the window. My current beauty quest is to find a fabulous lavender shower gel or body wash so for one of January's My Pure reviews I went for the Le Savonnier Marseillais Extra Pure Olive Oil Body Soap With Lavender Essential Oil.

Based in the famous soap making area of France, Marseille, Le Savonnier Marseillais are a family based company that specialise in traditional soap making methods and produce a variety of natural olive oil based soap bars and a range of olive oil based liquid body soaps.

All of their liquid body soaps, are made of  100% natural ingredients and are fully biodegradable. They contain no added colours, animal ingredients, solvents or synthetic fragrance, just pure natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

First up the packaging, this body soap comes in a huge 500ml, pump action bottle. Yes it's plastic but the French writing and the lettering style does give it a bit more of a sophisticated edge. Pump action bottles are really easy to use especially if you have any dexterity issues, just push down the plunger and apply.

The soap itself is quite a viscous, light amber gel, a little goes a long way so you don't need a lot. The smell hits you almost as soon as the first drops of the soap start to appear. It's a fresh, revitalising zingy lavender, and about as far away from the traditional, powdery, air freshener lavender as you can get.

Adding water only appears to intensify the smell, a small amount of product on a shower scrunchie, or in your hand produces, a mass of small creamy bubbles, that when rinsed off leave the skin feeling squeaky clean, smooth and gently fragranced.

Although this product failed my bath test, and didn't produce enough bubbles to justify it's use as a bath product, you could also use it as a luxury hand wash. I've actually used it as a hand soap a couple of times and I definitely think that you can use this product both ways, on the body and on the hands.

This product was a winner for me, and a winner for another lavender fan, Mummy Lou. The bottle is huge and a small amount goes a long way, whether you're using it just on your hands or on your whole body. The lavender fragrance is intense but not overpowering and the product leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. Le Savonnier Marseillais Extra Pure Olive Oil Body Soap - Lavender Essential Oil - 500ml normally retails at £12.50 from My Pure but it's currently on special at just £11.25. Are you a lavender fan or is it still just too old fashioned for you? Leave me a comment and let me know x

*Press Sample
*As Of August 2019 This Product Is Still Available From My Pure But It Seems To Be Out Of Stock But It Is Still Available Elsewhere


  1. I love Lavender essential oil and regularly add a few drops to my bath myself. I will need to give this a try though as I've not always got time to soak in the bath and this would be great for a quick shower :)

  2. Great review, thanks! I would love to try this product.


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