Wednesday 4 February 2015

Trimming My Stash - January 2015 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

It's hard to believe that we're already one month into 2015. It honestly doesn't seem two minutes since it was Christmas but here we are at the beginning of February, and hopefully one step closer to spring.

As much as I love the freshness of the air at the moment all I really to do at the moment is eat, sleep, have bubble baths and hibernate, and that's something that I think is reflected in my first Trimming My Stash post of 2015.

Tesco Pro Formula Radiance Toner - 200ml
Avon Spiced Cranberry And Orange Bubble Bath - 1000ml
The Body Shop Rich Plum Shimmering Bath Bubbles - 400ml
Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel - 125ml
Total - 4 Items

Okay 4 items isn't a particularly impressive start but it does pretty much represent my January. First up skincare - a new broom sweeps clean as they say and at the moment I'm trying to use up some those half finished bits before I start testing some new and exciting things, I only managed two skincare items in January but I'm sure I'll manage a few more in February. The only other items that I managed to finish were bubble baths. I love, love, love my bath but the cogs are turning and the re-development of our bathroom edges ever closer, and thankfully my bath product mountain is starting to look more like a large hill - fingers crosses I'll manage another bottle or so this month.So what did I think of the products that I finished...

1. Tesco Pro Formula Radiance Toner - 200ml 

Nice toner, good price - you can read a full review here x

2. Avon Spiced Cranberry And Orange Bubble Bath - 1000ml

I've been using this bottle on and off since Christmas 2013! These litre sizes from Avon seem to go on forever and this one was no exception. This had a slightly zesty, slightly citrus aroma and produced lots and lots of bubbles. This product is no longer available but it did appear in November and December of this year in a smaller Snowman shaped bottle. If you want a lot of bubbles at a decent price I can't recommend these bubble baths highly enough. I have a few different fragrances to finish and if I wasn't losing my bath I'd definitely be trying out the new Pomegranate And Peony variety.

3. The Body Shop Rich Plum Shimmering Bath Bubbles - 400ml

This is one of my favourite ever festive fragrances from The Body Shop. Not only did I buy numerous back ups at the time, but I also scoured ebay, and outlet stores to stock up on one of my favourite scents. I have a couple of shower gels left, one more bubble bath and a body butter and then it's gone :( It was warm and fruity and mouthwatering - please The Body Shop bring it back.

4. Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel - 125ml

My final empty for January is another discontinued product - Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel, I actually really liked this orange scented cleanser and I'm pretty sad that it's been discontinued. You can read a full review of it here x

I'm really hoping that I can do a bit better in February. My aim is to finish some more skincare, some more bath products and maybe a bit of make up. Are you doing something similar in 2015? Let me know if you are x


  1. You know it's a good product if you've cut the bottle up to get all the last drops! Shame the Elemis has been discontinued :(

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati || YouTube Channel

    1. Ha Ha Guilty As Charged - I always cut my bottles up lol I hate wasting anything :) Thanks for your comment xx


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