Tuesday 3 March 2015

Ecotools 6 x Mini Bamboo Brushes - A Review For My Pure*

Over the last few months I've really been loving my Ecotools make up brushes. Thanks to my participation in the My Pure bloggers scheme I've managed to accumulate a nice little collection of their face and eye brushes and I can't recommend them highly enough. If there is one thing that I don't need any more of though it's make up brushes - one day I will get round to showing you my brush collection but for the moment you'll just have to believe. Despite the fact that my brush vases are at bursting point though I couldn't resist getting some more Ecotools brushes as part of my February reviews for My Pure.

To be fair though these brushes are quite different to any of the other Ecotools brushes in my collection. Yes they have the same bamboo handle, recycled aluminium ferrules, and synthetic bristles but you just have to look at them to see the difference, they are tiny!

Measuring just over two inches in length, the brushes in this set of 6 Mini Bamboo Brushes mirror there much bigger cousins not in size but in ethics, construction and quality.

The set comprises of 6 identical brushes. Each brush has soft to the touch, flat bristles with a rounded tip. When used flat, the brush heads are quite firm making the brushes ideal for eyeshadow or concealer application but turn them onto their sides and the thin, precise edge for the brush makes it ideal for eyeliner or even as a lip brush.

I've tried these for both eyes and lips and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Admittedly the short handles do take a bit of getting used to but for travel, your handbag or where space is at a premium, these versatile brushes do a pretty good job. Unlike a lot of mini and short handle brushes the quality is excellent, they wash well and they compare favourably to the full size brushes in the Ecotools range.

I'm not saying that I would choose to use these everyday to do my full make up with but I can definitely see them having a place in my everyday, on the go make up bag and whilst I'm not planning on going on holiday this year, if I was these would be one of the first things that I would pack in my travel make up bag



  1. Never knew that brushes make a difference when putting on makeup

  2. These sound perfect for travel!
    Kirsty x


  3. Where can I purchased some more, I am on my last brush


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