Tuesday 24 March 2015

Poundland Make Up Gallery Feeling Blush Blusher - Candyfloss 2

When I was younger it was a cardinal sin to shop in shops like Poundstretcher and Poundland. It just wasn't done, there used to be a real stigma amongst my peer group at least, about shopping in so called bargain and cheap shops, and god forbid if you mam was spotted with an offending carrier bag!

Looking back now though I completely cringe at the old me, bargain shops are where it's at and I'm so pleased that the majority of people nowadays are bargain hunters like me.

My shop of the moment is Poundland - I'm incapable of going into that shop without spending at least a fiver, There is always something to buy from food and snacks, to stationery, and of course toiletries and cosmetics.

I know there's been a bit of controversy in the past about Poundland and branded make up but towards the end of last year they introduced their own brand, Make Up Gallery. As you would expect every item is just £1 and the range contains everything that any decent make up line should from mascaras, to lip glosses, foundations, cheek products and of course nail polishes.

Being the nail polish junkie that I am I started off simply with just one nail polish Mushroom Magic. You can read my review here but for the price I was impressed, so much so that on my next visit to Poundland I picked up another polish and a couple of make up items.

At the minute I'm in the middle of a real blusher love in, I love the stuff so one of the things that I got was one of the Make Up Gallery Feeling Blush Blushers. As far as I can tell there are just four shades to choose from but they are all in really wearable tones of peach, coral and pink. It was a hard choice but the one I got was 2 Candyfloss.

I'm not sure how accurate the name is, Candyfloss to me means a bright, baby pink, but this shade is a lot warmer, and definitely contains some peachy tones as well as the pink you would expect.

The packaging is quite basic, all clear and black plastic but it does the job and it has quite a sturdy feel. The square powder, blusher inside contains Vitamin E and has a smooth, silky feel, and it's surprisingly pigmented.

It blends really well, and as you can hopefully see it gives my skin a really pretty, natural flush. (ignore the brows there getting sheared tomorrow ;)

I'm going to hold my hands up and say that I was sceptical, For the price I just didn't think that this would be any good but I'll admit it, it really did surprise me. The pigmentation and texture are excellent for the price but it's the colour that I've fallen in love with. This is a real everyday blush shade for me and something that I could wear no matter what the outfit, the make up look or the occasion. It doesn't wear as well as some blushers I've tried but for just £1, reapplying it if I need to isn't any great hardship.

I'm going to Poundland later this week and based on this blusher I'm definitely going to be heading straight to the Make Up Gallery stand, so if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them x Thanks for reading x


  1. Wow that's such a gorgeous shade can't believe it's only £1. Great post :) xxxx


    1. Thanks Michaela x I know I'm really impressed for the price x

  2. I have one of these blushes and like you I was pleasantly surprised too. Ive heard great things about the liquid eyeliner which I keep meaning to pick up. x

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely hope you okay x Yeah I've heard a few bits can be hitty missy but I'm definitely going to pick up a few more bits x


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