Thursday 28 November 2013

MUA Nails - Koala Bear

I'm nearing the add of my Renunail 4 week challenge and I still haven't used up all of the nail pictures that I have in draft.

MUA Nail Polish in Koala Bear is the shade that I wore on the day I went on holiday. It doesn't scream holidays I know but it went with my outfit - what can I say. The is the only MUA polish that I own to date in their new Essie style bottles. I didn't notice any real difference in consistency or application but this did need a few coats for full coverage. This is two here and I probably could have done with 3.

I am a huge fan of grey nail polish and it isn't that common a colour on the high street, so for the price of just £1 this is well worth picking up. Have you tried any of the repackaged MUA colours? what do you think? let me know your recommendations or your ones to avoid x

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