Thursday 21 November 2013

Have A Sweet Soak With Treacle Moon At Tesco

You can't escape it - the run in to Christmas has well and truly started. All of the shops and shopping centres have their decorations up and I even saw my first decorated house yesterday - argh!

One thing I've noticed in a lot of the gift selections is the resurgence of the retro sweet. Every shop seems to have jars of fruit salads, bonbons, and various boiled sweet all waiting to be popped under a Christmas tree. What if your on a diet though? well obviously over Christmas the majority of diets get forgotten but that said you do often reach a point of no return when it comes to food over the festive period and if your anything like me at some point you have to say no more food ! 

The brains behind the Treacle Moon line at Tesco though have came up with a solution. Known for their food and fruit inspired bath and shower products they've came up with The Candy Shop collection a range of scented bath and shower gels designed to evoke memories of the traditional sweet shop. There are 4 fragrances to choose from Ice Cream Soda, Marshmallow Hearts, Lime Sherbet and Original Toffee Bonbon.

The gorgeous people from Tesco Beauty kindly sent me the Original Toffee Bonbon variety to try out.

The first thing you notice is the bottle size, you get a huge 500ml worth, which is more than enough for a couple of dozen baths and showers.It has a creamy gel like texture, and it's appearance reminds me a bit of caramel sauce.

From the name you would expect this to have a full on sticky toffee, and whilst it does have a lovely almost burnt toffee aroma, it is in fact a tiny bit softer than you would imagine. Think of a toffee bon bon, yes you get the creamy toffee centre, but there also covered in powdered sugar, and I think that's what you get here just an gentle hint of fresh sugar,sweetness alongside the toffee. These products can be used in the bath or the shower and a little goes a long way. (I'm using way more than I needed above - what can I say? I'm a decadent soul!) and you only need a little bit for lots of foaming, creamy bubbles.

I like this one but I have to say I would have preferred it to smell a bit stronger. I love sickly sweet though so that's probably why I'm sure the subtle warm, sugar and toffee aroma would be fine for most people though.

A lovely, huge Tesco Extra has just opened a couple of miles away from me, and whilst stocking up on gluten free goodies, I add a couple bottles of Treacle Moon's finest to my mum's trolley ;) Sneaky I know but it was worth it. I picked up something more festive which I'll be reviewing in a week or so and I also got another bottle from The Candy Jar range.

Sweet Lime Sherbet - I'm really loving citrus smells at the moment and this one definitely appealed.

Again you get a huge 500ml bottle but whilst this one has the same texture, it's the most gorgeous lurid, lime green in colour.

When you hear the word lime, you probably thing zingy, fresh and zesty but this is a little bit different. Think chocolate limes and you probably about right. You get a little bit of the zesty lime but you also get a almost vanilla, chocolate sweetness and warmth. This one was definitely my favourite of the two, the smell was mouthwatering. Like Original Toffee Bon Bon I think that you get the best fragrance hit when you use it the shower but it works equally well as a foam bath.

The downside? well these products contain SLS so if your skin is sensitive or your allergic than this range might not suit but if your not then definitely snap some of these up whilst your doing your weekly shop. Oh I almost forgot - the price - these retail for the huge sum of just £2.99 each, but if you can get yourself into Tesco before the 9th December, there is 1/3 off all the bath and shower gels in the Treacle Moon range so you can pick one up for just £1.99. I these are great as a little treat for yourself and I also think that they would make great stocking fillers for the big and little people in your life. Have you tried any products from Treacle Moon? Leave me a comment and let me know xx

(Treacle Moon The Candy Jar Original Toffee Bon Bon Bath And Shower Gel 500ml Was Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes And Treacle Moon The Candy Jar Sweet Lime Sherbet Bath And Shower Gel 500ml Was Bought For Me By Mummy Lou :)

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