Saturday 2 November 2013

A Holy Grail Product Revisited And Updated- Batiste Oriental

There are some things that I will always have in my bathroom, and one of them is dry shampoo. I must admit that I use it more in the summer than the winter to combat sweaty roots but I always have some there if I need it. Lately though I've been using it probably more than ever. Due to illness and medication I'm losing strand upon strand of hair every time I brush my hair and more so when I wash it. I'm being good and trying to ease off on the heat tools and I'm trying to leave longer between washes which means I'm using more and more dry shampoo to add volume and to promote freshness.

Batiste as you know is my dry shampoo brand of choice, so I've been using a few of my favourite fragrances Cherry Blossom, Blush and Lace to keep my hair fresh and clean. All good things come to an end though and this week I found out that one of my favourite Batiste variants Lace has been discontinued - sob! There are still cans out there to be had but don't despair Batiste, there a lots of brand spanking new varieties to try, and over the next few weeks I'll be review them all for you. The first one that I had the chance to try out was Batiste Oriental.

Packaged in floral designed can with an oriental feel, it is described as pretty and opulent, this is described as a floriental fragrance, but I would go one step further and describe it as a fruityfloriental.

The fragrance contains fruity top notes of Apple, Wild Berry, and Grape, with floral middle notes of Jasmine and Iris, and rich base notes of Coconut, Cedar and Sandalwood. For me it has quite a heady fragrance with quite a bit of sweetness, and a definite fruity hit, Given the inclusion of heady sensual ingredients such as Jasmine and Sandalwood you would expect this to be quite overpowering but it's not the fruity notes definitely give it a more gentle, fresher feel.

Fragrance is such a personal thing but I really like this one, in fact it's something that I would wear as a perfume. I like the fragrance and as a dry shampoo it does the business so it's another winner from Batiste. Batiste Oriental retails at around £2.99 for a 200ml can from most major retailers. For more information and Batiste and stockist information please check out their website here

As well as my lovely can of Batiste Oriental, I was also lucky enough to received a little parcel with it courtesy of Amber Marie Jewellery And Gifts and Bastiste

My parcel was beautifully packaged with sprinkles and sparkles, and it was all wrapped up like a little present. When I'd removed the wrapping paper I was greeted with the most gorgeous brocade fabric covered box, complete with a little white satin bow.

Inside the box was a lovely piece of handmade jewellery, a super cute porcelain oriental, Kimmi doll, kokeshi doll style charm on a silver tone necklace.

I am so pleased with this, it is so cute and exactly my style, and the observant amongst you may have noticed me wearing it in yesterday's videos :). This necklace isn't currently available on the Amber Marie website but it is available on their Not On The High Street page here. Both of these sites contains some gorgeous and really cute things and I'm currently lusting after the Fortune Cat necklace.  Thanks to both Batiste and Amber Marie for a lovely surprise x

(Both Items In The Post Were Provided By PR For Review / Promotional Purposes )

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  1. As soon as I get through the pile of batiste I have in my cupboard I'm definitely trying this xx


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