Saturday 16 November 2013

A Nail Polish Blast From The Past - Chanel - Gold Fiction

I just under 3 weeks into my Dr Lewinns Renunail challenge and I have to say I'm really missing wearing nail polish. I'm sticking to the challenge though so instead I thought I'd show you a nails of the day that I had in draft. I make no apologies that this colour is long gone from your local Chanel counter but it's probably the most expensive polish that I've ever bought so I think it needs to be shown off a bit.

Released as a limited edition way back in 2008 Chanel's Gold Fiction is different to every other nail polish in my collection, in that the bottle isn't made of clear glass. Instead it has an almost yellow gold finish, which perfectly represents the shade inside - a beautiful yellow, gold foil. All of these pictures are taken with the flash but in normal, natural light, it has a softer less metallic, more yellow finish.

I have a love / hate relationship with Chanel polishes and this one alas is no different, Application was pretty good as was the finish. It was a little bit streaky and you could see the brush strokes on some nails, understandable I guess for a foil finish polish. Like the majority of Chanel shades that I own though the wear time wasn't great. I always try to test colours without top coat and my first chip came after less than 24 hours and by day 3 there was simply nothing left.

Don't get me wrong I'm really pleased to have this polish in my collection, it's always nice to own limited editions if your a real beauty junkie but for me this polish just isn't that amazing. The colour is gorgeous a real liquid gold just dripping from your nails but the wear time the price ( around £18 - 19 in duty free if I remember rightly) makes this hard to love. I love the look of Chanel polishes and some of their colours and finishes are beyond amazing but every time I use one I feel cheated? Am I the only one? let me know your experiences with Chanel polishes x I'd love to know your thoughts x 


  1. What a shame about the crappy wear time. I'm loving the finish though Lou. Looks fairly similar to nails inc foil collection.
    Good luck with sticking to your nail regime, looking forward to finished results :)

    Love Kate xx

  2. Doesn't seem right that for the price it just doesn't last, when there are plenty of polishes/brands under £3 that can last well!

  3. It's a lovely colour, but the price. Just no I could spend that on a nail polish lol x


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