Saturday 30 November 2013

November Haul And Gifts - H&M, Ebay, Maybelline, Magazines And Poundworld

Hey lovelies x well my intention in November was to be good and concentrate on buying things for other people rather than for myself and by and large I've achieved that. That said I do have a couple of things to show you that I bought and that my lovely momma bought me :)

I've ordered loads of things this month from ebay for Christmas presents but I also got a couple of bargain items for me :) First of all this hook and loop bracelet.

It's in a metallic brown faux leather and features a gold tone intricately designed metal section and a gold hook and loop fastening. I paid 93p for it from this seller but due to weird exchange rates it currently just 91p including postage x 

The next thing I got from ebay was another jewellery piece. This is going to be something that you will either love or hate but I love it x 

Yes it a huge wooden cat pendant on a silver tone chain. I've seen similar things elsewhere and they were a lot more money than this. I paid 98p for this including postage but it's now 97p from this seller.

My next purchase came from Poundworld - I didn't need another phone case but I fell in love with this

Yeah it's a little handbag. It's made of rubber and your phone just slots into the back and you can carry it with the little handle.

I've seen similar ones on ebay and they were a little bit more money than this. You can get them for the iPhone 4 and 5 :)

I only picked up one make up and beauty related item this month, another Bourjois Color Edition 24 Hour Eyeshadow.

This time I went for the shade Kaki Cherie - a gorgeous golden olive green colour. I'm going to do a full review of these shadows in the weeks to come x 

I only bought one more thing in November but there is a bit of a story here so bear with me :) In last months haul you may have see the Primark tartan scarf that I got courtesy of Michelle, well I showed Mummy Lou and her response wasn't that enthusiastic. I wasn't sure why till she gave me a carrier bag and said "well I may as well give you this now" - What was it? well see for yourself

Yes a tartan scarf from H&M - She bought it for me as a Christmas present when she thought I wouldn't be able to get my hands on the Primark version. The colours and design are different and I have to say it's much bigger than the Primark version, I love it and I'm so pleased that my mum got me it. Hopefully this picture gives you an idea of the size.

I loved this scarf so much I went online and bought the other colour way - a beige, nude and camel. This was £9.99 and I love it's so warm and cozy.

As well as the scarf my lovely momma also bought me a few things including some magazines - Despite my love of blogs and the internet, there is still something about the glossy magazine that draws me in, especially when there is a freebie involved. UK magazines seem to have really upped their games this year when it comes to freebies. Now we are more likely to get a branded beauty product than a beach bag or a pair of flip flops. This month she got two magazines which came with free nail polishes.

Glamour came with a choice of Kate Spade For Nails Inc nail polishes. I got the silver foil - Soho Silver

and Cosmopolitan came with a mini Orly nail polish - I got a shade I've wanted for a long time Country Club Khaki - a gorgeous nude taupe.

She also got me Marie Claire which came with a free full sized Rituals Fortune Scrub In Sweet Orange And Cedar.

The final thing she got me was an IKEA Skurar Candle Holder

I already have a couple of the Skurar plant pots which I use for liners and brushes so I had to have this. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to use this for but I loved it. This was £2.50 and I noticed on the IKEA website that there are quite a few new pieces in the range including a little bowl which I love but Gateshead didn't have :(

H&M Scarf - £9.99
Cat Necklace - ebay - 98p
Bourjois Color Edition 24 Hour Eye Shadow - Kaki Cheri - £6.99
Phone Case - Poundworld - £1.00
Bracelet - ebay - 93p
Total - £19.89
£20.11 - Under

Excluding the bits that Mummy Lou bought and just counting the things that I bought I am way under my limit for this month. I spent less than half of this months limit so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Despite more than a few shopping opportunities planned for next month I hoping that I can stick to my limit and end the year on a high. If you want to find out more about the things in my haul please check my monthly haul video here or you can watch it below.

 If you have any other questions on anything that I've got this month please let me know and I'd love to know what goodies you've picked up in November x

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