Sunday 30 June 2013

The North East Bloggers Top Shop Event

Blog events are like buses none for ages and then two come along at once :) Last Sunday I attended The Vintage North East Bloggers Social at Serendipity in Sunderland, and last Wednesday the same ladies arranged an event with one of the biggest names on the high street Top Shop.

I've always had a bit of a love /hate relationship with Top Shop probably due to my fluctuating weight and budget but there is no denying their popularity.

The event was held in their recently renovated store in The Bridges shopping centre in Sunderland. As it was after closing time we had the store to ourselves. We were met at the door by Amy, who was assisted on this occasion by another Amy :) and we were given a raffle ticket, and directed to a table with cupcakes and lemonade all provided by Amy No 1.

We then had a short talk from a member of staff who told us a bit about the brand, the store and it's turnover, we then had a walk around the store whilst another member of staff told us about some of the key looks of the season and a bit more about visual merchandising.

Then it was raffle time, where one lucky winner had the chance to win a Top Shop gift card, unfortunately it wasn't me which was probably just as well as I lost my raffle ticket on the night and didn't find it till yesterday  lol. We then had the run of the store to shop, take photographs, ask questions, and to look for the prize winning tokens that had been hidden throughout the store.

I wasn't lucky enough to find one but I did pick up a few bits - slaps wrists - first up something your not going to see, undies - I'm a huge fan of Top Shop knickers so I took advantaged of the sale rails and the 3 for £10 offer lol. I also got a nail polish in Solar - I love duo chromes and this is a fabulous one x

Next up the sale rack, and I picked up these earrings which were half price and will match the neon spiked Primark necklace that I got for my birthday :)

Finally I got some shoes,

I've wanted a pair of Top Shop Vectra's for ages, and on the night I thought hell why not and picked up the velour / faux suede ones, they were the last pair in my size so it would have been wrong not to :)

Yet again this event was a great opportunity to meet and socialise with some fellow North East based ladies, and again I got meet some new faces including the lovely Michelle and her sister x Thanks so much to Amy for organising yet another fun event, although my bank manager probably doesn't agree xx


  1. Was lovely to finally meet you too hun and thanks for the mention - really appreciate it x

  2. Oooh that nail polish is a beauty! I love the shoes too!
    I have to admit though, Topshop has never been a place I've seen the attraction with. I find it to be ridiculously overpriced! xx

  3. I def love the duo chrome polish!

  4. I had those shoes but sadly wore them to death and had to bin them! I need them back in my life. I love that nail polish! It's lovely!!


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