Sunday 2 June 2013

Pastel Peach Nails For Summer Courtesy Of Nails Inc and Instyle - FAIL

I picked up quite a few nail polishes in May and this was one of them (click here to see my May haul ) - Nails Inc London For Instyle - You're A Peach

I chose this one because it would be a fab shade for summer and I'm sure it would be if it did look so awful on me. I'm not sure whether it's the colour or the formulation on me that just doesn't work. The first two coats were just a mass of streaks which was surprising considering it's actually a pretty thick polish. Ultimately I ended up with a thick, gloopy finish which took ages to dry and made my hands look dead, I needn't have bothered really I hated it so much that I took it off the minute I'd finished taking the photographs - see what you think

I have to be honest and say it doesn't look as bad as it was here, but I have to say I was really disappointed in this polish. I normally love Nails Incs polishes but this one just didn't do it for me and I really wish I'd gone for one of the other colours :( Did you pick one of the free polishes with Instyle? If you did let me know if you had better luck than I did x


  1. At least you didn't pay £11 for it. I wasn't too fussed by the colours this time round so skipped the magazine, perhaps next time will be better :)

  2. Such a pretty colour. Shame about the formula.

  3. I love this colour, it makes the nails look so nice and neat x


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