Thursday 6 June 2013

A Review Of Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

When you first go into a Lush store not only are you hit by the smell but your also hit by the wide array of unusual products on display, from solid shampoo and deodorants, to solid bubble baths they are right up there when it comes to innovation.

Perhaps though one of their most innovative products are their fresh face masks. Delivered to every store twice a week, these fabulous bowls of mask contain no synthetic preservatives, and have to be kept on ice, until their packaged up for us to take home and pop in the refrigerator. All of the Lush fresh face masks are specifically designed for individual skin types, by it dry and sensitive, anti-ageing or oily and spot prone, and contain  only the freshest ingredients possible to suit the individual needs of the skin

At the recent North East Lush Event we received a goodie bag containing one of the fresh face masks Catastrophe Cosmetic.

Specifically designed for skin which is prone to breakouts this mask contains Irish moss and almond oil to soften and smooth, rose and chamomile to reduce redness and soothe any irritation, and calamine and talc to deep clean and smooth. This  mask also contains crushed blueberries which are an anti oxidant.

The masks come packaged in the familiar recycled plastic black pots. Never throw these babies away save up 5 then take them into store and get a free fresh face mask :)

Catastrophe Cosmetic is sort of a grey, beige, blue in colour, and features obvious chunks of blueberry :) and unsurprisingly given the inclusion of the blueberries and orange oil, it smells quite fruity.

The mask is quite thick but a little goes a long way, you just apply a thin layer to your face and leave it for about 15 minutes to set - it starts to change colour and feel a little bit tighter when its done x As it dries it can get a bit messy because the blueberries tend to fall off, so don't use this whilst wearing your best clothes - I usually stick a mask on whilst I'm having a bath so fall out doesn't really matter - I'm being brave so here is a scary monster from the deep esq picture x

It's surprisingly easy to wash off, if a little messy, I either use a muslin cloth or a flannel and soak the entire mask first before taking it off with warm water and circular movements to give a bit more exfoliation. Masks can often leave me skin quite pink but this one doesn't, my skin is just left feeling super soft and clean, and really refreshed probably because the mask is cold from the fridge, making these a must for the summer.

I normally get about 5 or so applications out of each tub because I apply it quite thinly so that's easily a months supply. If your looking for a new face mask or one with more natural ingredients, I really don't think you can go past Lush's fresh face masks, there really is something for everyone, as well as this one I also love Cupcake which smells like chocolate mmmm. Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask retails at £5.95 for 75g. Have you ever tried a Lush fresh face mask? let me know what you think in the comments x

(Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask Was Provided By Lush Metro Centre At The Recent North East Lush Blogger Event)

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  1. I love Lush! My favourite product is the Trichomania solid shampoo - it's so good and smells amazing! xx


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