Saturday 15 June 2013

Budget Beauty Series Special - Milani Shadow Wear Eyeshadow Quads

My name is Louise, and I love Poundland! Once seen as a bit of joke, Poundland had quickly became one of the most popular stores on the UK high street. Selling everything from batteries, to DVDs, to mops, and fizzy drinks, I can almost guarantee that you'll have something from Poundland in your home. They've always sold cosmetics and beauty products but in the last year or so they've really upped their game, and branded cosmetics from the likes of Sally Hansen, Rimmel and even Stila have popped up on their often disorganised shelves. Recently though a new edition has been spotted, products from US drugstore brand Milani. Milani is really hard to get hold of in the UK so Poundland have pulled off a bit of a coup in my opinion. A couple of weeks ago I picked up some of their shimmer brick dupes (review coming soon) and for my birthday I was lucky enough to receive two of their eyeshadow quads.

Milani Shadow Wear - Eye Shadow Quad - 04 Earthly Delights

I received this quad from Mummy Lou who is also a huge Poundland and come to think of it any other bargain store fan. 

04 Earthly Delights as you would expect from the name is a neutral quad, it contains a bronze, a creamy yellow gold, an olive green, and more of a brown green. It comes with a double ended brush and sponge applicator which wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either 

The pigmentation on these is pretty impressive, I only had to really work with the olive green shade on the top right of the palette, but after a couple uses it was as pigmented as the rest. The yellow shade is more pigmented than it's appearing here.

All the shadows in this palette contain a little bit of shimmer, and whilst they are really soft and buttery, they are a little bit crumbly so I did get quite a bit of fallout, but nothing a fan brush and a bit of powder couldn't fix - here are a couple of eye looks for you x

This is the olive green shade with just a hint of the shade underneath in the crease x

and this is just the bronze, brown shade on the bottom left.

Wear time was okay but I did get quite a bit of creasing and fading particularly around the socket line, but for the price I can live with that.

Milani Shadow Wear Eyeshadow Quads - 05 Denim Blues

I was lucky enough to receive this in my fabulous birthday gift package from the lovely Lottie (read my post here and find Lottie here).

As the name would suggest this palette is all about the blues, you get a slightly shimmery white, a light blue, a very silver grey toned blue and a deep navy blue.

This palette was a tiny bit more problematic pigmentation wise, the navy and the grey blue were ridiculously pigmented all you need to do is just lightly touch the brush on the shadow and it was full of intense shimmer colour. The white again has shimmer in it but it has a slightly chalkier finish and feel. The pale blue on the other hand was awful, matte, and chalky with barely any pigmentation. You really had to rub it to get any colour pay off.

The standout shade is this palette is the slightly sparkly and shimmery navy blue, very very pigmented , and as a result you had to be careful to avoid fallout of which there was a lot. You can see it on the eyes here alongside the white which I used as a highlight.

The other stand out shades and the most wearable one was the blue, grey on the bottom left. I've worn this shade a couple of times already and it's a great colour, if your scared of colour on your eyes, as it gives a more smokey eye look. Again I've paired it with the white.

Again wear time was about the same, and yes again there was a bit of fallout and bit of creasing especially with the navy blue.

For just £1 a quad I think these shadows are pretty good value, the pigmentation and texture is generally good with only a couple of exceptions. Yes you do get a bit of fallout but it's nothing that a fan or powder brush and a bit of translucent powder can't fix and yes they do crease and fade over time but again a bit of eye primer should help counteract that problem. Would I pick up any more of these if I saw them? yes I probably would, for a pound you certainly aren't breaking the bank and they are especially good for trying out new colours and textures. Stock does vary in Poundland and it's very much a buy it when you see it type shop, so I can't guarantee that these will still be available but it's well worth a look. If you have any questions please leave me a comment, and I'd love to know if you have picked up any beauty bargains in Poundland? let me know xx

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  1. I LOVE Poundland! Like literally love it, theres one just around the corner from our house and Im always there ha. Theyve not got these in mine yet though.... but i'll be keeping a lookout xx


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