Thursday 13 June 2013

An Expression Of Holographic Gorgeousness From Catherine Arley - Nails Of The Day

It's been a little while since a featured a Catherine Arley nail polish on the blog, but whilst I was sorting out my polish stash recently and I found this beauty - I realised that I hadn't featured it on the blog before so here you go x

Catherine Arley Silky Touch Nail Lacquer in the imaginatively named 672, is a gorgeous pink, nude mauve holograph. Look all of the other shades I own from the brand, it paints like a dream, this is two coats but you can get away with one or even three depending on the intensity.

I adore holographic polishes like this, the way they change depending on the light and twinkle in the sun always makes me want to stare at my nails - I only wish I could make this one look as pretty in the photographs x Do you like holographic polishes? let me know in the comments xx


  1. This is gorgeous. Never heard of Catherine Arley but defo need to look into the brand more after seeing this beaut! Raspberrykiss xo

    1. Their Turkish I think, I've bought quite a few from ebay they make the most amazing holographics xx


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