Sunday 9 June 2013

Budget Beauty Series - Palette Of The Month - MUA Pretty Pastels

I'm a huge, huge fan of the MUA Make Up Academy eyeshadow palettes and I've developing quite a collection of them. The pigmentation and textures are first class and the price is amazing. Sometime last year I think ;) I acquired the Pretty Pastels palette.

As the name would suggest it's made up of twelve predominantly pastel, soft toned eyesahdows, ranging from soft browns, peaches, and pinks, to lilacs greens and blues.

All the shades are buttery soft and velvety and contain a lot of shimmer, bar the first shade on the top row which has a much more matte, almost duo chrome appearance. As you would expect, given MUA's track record the pigmentation is first class.

I've done a few different eye looks with them to give you an idea what they look like on, apologies for some of the photographs, the lighting hasn't been quite as good as what it is today.

First pink, pink eyeshadow to me is a bit 80's punk to me to be honest but I actually really like this shade, it really does look fresh and pretty.

Blue eyeshadow also screams 80's to me but to be honest I don't know why it has such a bad reputation, icy baby blue with just a hint of shimmer just works, just don't team it up with bright pink lips and big hair ;)

If you're a purple fiend this palette contains a gorgeous pale lilac, and a light purple shade - I've worn the two together here but my camera doesn't seem to like the colour at all, it's much more vibrant and purpley than it appears here, the swatch pictures are probably more realistic.

If your not a real colour fan this palette is still worth picking up, as it contains some lovely nude and neutral tones. This look was created using the first 3 shades on the top row x

Finally another more neutral look using the peach shade on the bottom row x

There are so many more things I could have done with this palette if I'd had the time, a lemon and lime look, rainbow eyes, the possibilities are endless.

The shadows are silky soft and pigmented, but they do contain shimmer so if that's not for you and you can't deal with a bit of fallout I'd pass. If your a neutrals lover though, then you should get this palette, why? well the palette contains a few neutral shades to keep you well in your comfort zone but the colours that it contains are subtle and not scary, giving you the perfect opportunity to try colour, without engaging in anything to bright or garish.

MUA's neutral palettes are probably their most popular and rightly so but it's important not to forget that they do colour really well too and for just £4, this palette is well worth a look. Are you an fan of MUA eyeshadows? what's you favourite palette? let me know in the comments xx

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  1. I love MUA palettes and I use them every day. The The colours are great, but the shadows also last ages on me. I've had a good 12-15 hours wear out of their shadows. I wish I could get the palette you have here it's lovely.


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